Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Opinion on Spike Sales

Alrighty. I'm sure by now you've read the title of this post. Isn't that why you clicked on it in the first place? ;)

Image result for animal jam spike graphicSo, as you can see, today I will be giving my (brutally) honest opinion on spike sales.

If for some odd reason you don't know what spike sales are, they're essentially what AJHQ does to give us an ''update'' when they have nothing else planned.

Why spikes, though?

Because they're the most popular item in the entire game, and they have been for many, many years. In fact, they're so popular that they're pretty much the basic unit of trading. Nowadays, spikes are absolutely necessary if you're working towards an item of great value, such as a headdress.

I guess people started complaining that they'd never be able to get a spike or something like that, because in October 2015, AJHQ released two new kinds of spikes along with their color variations and sold them in the Diamond Shop. To keep the original spikes and the new spikes' values separated, a shiny, gold tag that said ''RARE'' was added to icon of each original spike.

This gave people (or more specifically, members) who wanted a spike an opportunity to buy one, but the majority of Jammers were displeased because they still didn't own an ORIGINAL spike that was truthfully worth anything.

So AJHQ kept doing more of these spike sales. Spike sale after spike sale after spike sale. In reality, there hasn't been a ton of spike sales, but it feels like there has.

Personally, I think these spike sales are very unnecessary. There are already way too many spikes in the game, and just continuing to add more isn't helping the problem with people wanting the real rare spikes. In fact, it's only worsening the problem. I'd imagine scammers are gaining some benefit off of these sales because they might trick a few naive little kids into thinking the spikes are very rare after the sale is over and take their items that are actually worth something.

They are also extremely obnoxious and annoying, and I know quite a few of you would agree with me. Right? I want good, quality content from Animal Jam. Not dumb spike sales. Spike sales are unwanted and unneeded. 

So there you go. That's my rant on spike sales. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

Bye bye!


  1. That tattered one looks exactly like the worn one from LAST year, except its member, the 'neon' one is incredibly plain and boring, make it yellow its a gold spike, if you could make it black it would be the blackout spike, and dont get me started about the others XD

  2. Heh, this makes me think of me, Swirl, and Sarah's new AJ movement.


  3. Agree 100%! What happened to the game!?!? I'm pretty sure it started going downhill last year, all these "Useless Spikes," and "Members Only." Have they forgotten what their whole game is about?!?

    If people like spike sales, then fine, but it's doing real damage to the community.


  4. These spike sales are hideous. I keep thinking they're releasing the same spike over and over again. And those worn spikes look disgusting. And, it was the garbage stuff on the bottom tier for non-members. There are too many updates sometimes, and it's just that I have to keep on spending diamonds. The good thing about non members is they live a simple life. As a non-member, you can buy all available items and still have diamonds/gems for more. As a member, you have to make better spending choices. Being a non member gives life a challenge. It's not every non member that can work their way up to a rare spike/beta. I just feel there is a big gap between members and non members. Most nonmembers appear very unrare, except for the few hardcore nonmembers like I once was. Once you're no longer a rare nonmember but an 'unrare' member, it's like a whole new social tier. To be honest, I'd rather be the king of nonmembers rather than some random 'unrare' member.

    1. I must agree with that. While I still played AJ, I was a non member, never had the chance to become a member. But non members can be very creative, using limited items, and still create an amazing outfit or den.

      The reason why I left AJ was partly because it was being 'corrupt' if you know what I'm saying. The game seems to focus on rares, diamonds, and members. Who knows, maybe someone's already hacked my account! But do I care? Not really. Rares are a bunch of pixels with a 'Rare' tag slapped on them. I'm not saying that all members are bad or AJHQ cares too much about the members, but non members are also very supportive of the game. I'd rather see updates once a month that are worth waiting for, than an update every week that is fairly useless and pushes non members down the importance ladder.

      Yay for King GoldenPotato!

      There's my rant done :P


  5. Hey Nafaria! Can you PLEASE check my blog? I have something to say for you there on the top post. THANKS

  6. I feel like AJHQ Is just getting lazy, they can't think of any new item to add. So they paint a spike a different color, stick it in the diamond shop and say. NEW SPIKES! .......
    *Husky Ninja

  7. wildworks is a dying company and they need people to buy membership which is why they keep having spike sales

  8. I am surprised because they made a worn spike it was nm once and then it was locked for only Member! Yeah it's like AJ is giving all the People who don't want to work for the spikes and earn them so they COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN. And AJ gives it to them, and the rarity has gone SOOOO DOWN HILL! Because they have opened rare stuff to EVERYONE! PLEASE aj dont put RARE SPIKES in the stores! ...1 day later... look a rare spike in stores! :Face Palm: it is pretty Disappointing. :( so my thoughts on this. :/


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