Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winged Panda Glitch + Party Invitation

Hey Jammers!

Did you know that if you wear rare scary bat wings on a panda and play, the wings will glitch and change colors?

Kind of cool, right?

I finally got the chance to arrange the party. I didn't have the time to make a normal picture invitation like usual, but this will have to do.

750,000 Views Jamaalidays Party

When: 12/24/16 @ 9:30 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time)

Where: nafaria9's den

Wear a festive outfit!

Yeah... this is probably one of the more inconvenient times for a party, but I'm busy all throughout the week, and I know some of you don't get out for the winter break until Friday, anyways, so...

I hope the majority of you can make it though. ^.^

Have a nice day. Bye bye!


  1. I will say I will come, but I probably won't end up doing it :( I have Family visits on that day but, it's a little later in the day

  2. Mmk. So, it will be at 11:30 for me. I have to remember last time I forgot about it XD.

  3. Keep up the good work on the blog and I cant wait for the 750,000 Views Jamaalidays Party! :D

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There is NO WAY I'm gonna be able to play animal jam at 8:30 in the morning. Hope you guys have fun :'(

  5. AW! I wanted to come to at least one other party so badly :(
    My family celebrates Christmas on the 24th so we'll all be piling into the car. Maybe next time I guess.


  6. Ah, I think I can come! That's about 4:30pm for me :D


  7. Where is the GUITAR giveaway Naffy >: (
    My patience is DWINDLING


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