Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mt. Shiveer Concept Art

Hey Jammers! :)

Recently the lead character designer and concept artist for WildWorks, Taylor Maw, posted a picture of an early rough draft of Mt. Shiveer called the ''Snowy Mountain Flat''.

This is called Snowy Mountain Flat early rough concept for what would later turn into Mt. Shiveer. As you can see sometimes you start with an idea that later evolves into something else. I did not make the final art for Mt. Shiveer just this early concept. Have you ever made a drawing that later completely changed? 
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In my opinion, I think this concept art looks really neat! Mt. Shiveer is obviously a whole lot smaller than these mountain flats. Although, I wouldn't say that the ''flats'' are exactly flat... y'know?

What I think is most important that's missing from this picture is the hot cocoa hut. Perhaps the little igloo could be the hot cocoa hut? We may never know... :P

Check out Taylor Maw's Instagram page for more cool AJ art!

Thanks for reading, bye!


  1. Naff, what's my Webkinz username?

    1. I'll have to check as soon as I get the chance. I haven't been on Webkinz in a while :P


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