Monday, December 26, 2016

Q&A 2016

Hey there! :) I hope you all had a very merry Jamaalidays!

Image result for animal jam jamaaliday background2017 is just around the corner. My, this year went by FAST!

Last year I did my very first Q&A post, and it was a huge success! It was very fun and I'm super excited to say that I'll be doing it again this year.

Your questions don't have to be specifically directed towards me, like most Q&A videos. You can ask me anything you want, as long as it's not inappropriate. I want to keep this video rated G/PG, just for the younger viewers. ^.^

You can leave your questions down in the comment section down below, e-mail them to me (, or ask me on Animal Jam.

Thanks for another wonderful year on AJ, everybody! The Q&A post will be up sometime before New Year's Day.



  1. If you took over the world, what would you wear? (I love asking this one!)

    What would you say is the least visited room in your house? (I'd go with the basement bathroom because that place is down right HAUNTED AND IT EATS LITTLE KIDS. Probably. Maybe. Maybe not..)

    If you could kick out an Alpha and take their place, who would you kick out?

    Who do you think is the scariest Alpha? (OBVIOUSLY PECK, with her HORRIFYINGly EVIL PAINTBRUSH.)


  2. If you could get rid of one color of spike which one would it be?

    Who is your favorite animal?
    If you could get rid of 1 heartstone/animal which would it be? (This one sounds cruel lol)

  3. Ok
    What is your favourite thing about the AJ community?
    Who is your favourite famous jammer?
    If you could add one feature to AJ, what would it be?
    If you could add one animal to AJ what would it be?
    If you could add one item to AJ, what would it be?


  4. 1) Is my kitten lucy cute?
    2) What is your favorite eeveelution?
    3) What is the worst AJ minigame?
    4)What gives you more lag: Dec. 18 on CS or Aparri/Wisteria's den

  5. if u had 10 cheeseburgers for my mom's art fair how many snowmen do u have 2 make in order to receive the color three

  6. What made you change this blog from a Webkinz blog to an Animal Jam blog?

  7. I'm your friend countrelieable101 on chicken smoothie!secret anyway will you accept buddy requests?if you could make a new item what would it be?and also will you bring up a post about CS chicken smoothie cause barely anyone sees it down here so it would be cool!ciao-talonflame80841

  8. It be countrelieable101 on chicken smoothie.DunDunDunnnn ya it's me the coppa friend of urs with that trade for me cat on cs.anyway if you could make a new item what would it be?can you show the jammers here Chicken smoothie cuz no-one goes down to see your demon dog.also final question will you accept buddy requests?what's your relationship with Mellowetta and snowy claw?


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