Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lostfairy's Christmas Tag

1. What do you want for Christmas (on AJ)? Eh... I don't really want anything, to be honest. I just want some good quality time with buddies. :)
2. Do you have any Christmas traditions? Every year we make gingerbread houses, and on Christmas eve we eat grapes and pita bread with melted garlic spread on top.
3. What's your most favorite part about Christmas? I like the long break from school. Ahhh.
4. What do you want for Christmas? A few books, some decorations for my room... I don't really know. It gets harder and harder as you grow older.
5. Do you believe in Santa? If not, have you ever? If you don't believe, you don't receive. ;)


  1. 1. Nope. Everything I want there is for members only D:
    2. Not really, just stay home and have a few friends over. This year, I want to make a croquembouche for Christmas! (Croquembouche is a cream puff tower sort of thing. Not sure if it will be a success though XD)
    3. Long Summer Holiday!!! And that you get a bunch of presents and lots of things on sale on Boxing Day.
    4. Books, books and books!! I've always wanted my own pony too!
    5. Nope and never had and never will.


  2. Hey, thanks for doing my tag! (You forgot to tag others! :O XD)

  3. 1. Pet snow fort and pet log cabin
    2. Not really XD
    3. Hm, not sureeeeee I like most of it!
    4. AJ toys, whole Warrior Cat books all of em! Echo's From the Edge Series, and a kindle (omg srsly I want one!!)
    5. Nope, never. ever. Also, its kinda creepy just sitting on some random person's lap in malls. STRANGER DANGERRRR



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