Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 188: Skullys

Sigh... I don't even feel like doing a whole peppy introduction thing. Let's just get this over with.

Deer are back! Yippee! You all know how much I love the deer of Jamaa. :)

Well, it happened. Skullys are back, new and improved - for the better or worse. You decide. Either way, the skullys' legacy has been forever lost.
They cost three diamonds (of course), they're for members only (also predictable), and they come in a variety of colors.
Wow, I'm so good at fortune telling!

Pet polar bears are back, and there's a new gingerbread armor set in the Diamond Shop.
Imagine getting stabbed by a chef's knife. What kind of material do you think will protect you more efficiently, metal or gingerbread?
Hmm... I think it's gingerbread! Yep, it's definitely gotta be gingerbread.

Just a filler page.

ANOTHER NEW ANIMAL??? What happened to getting our new land??? You've got less than three weeks to fullfil your promise, Clark Stacey. :/

Well, I hope the new animal is cute, whatever it's going to be.

The New Year's party is on its way, and there is a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum.

Arctic Fox ad. We've seen enough of these already.

 Welp, that's today's update for you. What are your opinions on the return of skullys?


  1. I don't like how they add skully's back because they are diamond, and member. YOU DONT ADD A BETA BACK JUST TO MAKE IT DIAMOND AND MEMBER :/
    New animal.... guessing ostrich! I'm saving up my diamonds for that now :)

    Also a lot of ppl when they saw Skully's were coming back is be a panda, and do certain actions XD

    1. I agree. Plus they look a little weird.....
      I'd rather have something more exciting and maybe aimed for everyone? Not just members? I know that members pay for what they get, but they should also be grateful for the free players. If there were no such thing as free players on AJ, maybe no one would even come on the first place, it would be like "Pay to play and see if you like it" kind of thing. I know some games that they treat everyone nicely, even the non members such as giving them a chance to have some "member currency" (AKA virtual money that members only get) and even keep member items. I'm proud to be part of a community who treats their members nicely, can't AJ do that too? Even if it's just giving the unwanted member stuff to member could make them happy.

      Sorry for ranting, those are just my two cents.


    2. Sigh... it's just all so bizarre and insane that they would do this, especially to an item like the skullys.

  2. 1.ok
    2.I'm one of the few people who doesn't really care. Just an item tbh
    3. Ok
    4. Ok
    5. Ok we know that
    6. Ok
    7. It better be a chicken
    8. Ok
    9. Yay ad

    This update was ok.


  3. I had the deer already
    Cool item i guess
    I have the pet polar bear, lame armor
    I want a red panda
    Cool party
    Ad... :I

  4. I wish they didn't bring back the skullys, it was nice knowing that there was a cool, interesting item that was taken out for various reasons. Idk how to put it really, but I wish they just didn't bring it back.

  5. Replies
    1. To bring us a new land during the year of 2016. At least, that's what he said in an interview with Bepper in January.

    2. He sure is running out of time. Why bring Skullys back? Gingerbread armor=cringe. Polar bears and deer are cute. So overall this update was just mehhhh -akmlynx

  6. Update trash I just traded a skully for a Nyan Cat masterpiece......yep HEY CLARK WHERE IS OUR OSTRICHES AND NEW LAND YOU HAVE A WEEK TO PAY UP I'm too excited lol.


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