Friday, December 2, 2016

25 Days of Giveaways #2: Rare Star Cape

Hi Jammers! Welcome back for the second day of the 25 Days of Giveaways 2016 celebration! ^_^

Yesterday's winner was zuzu1199. Congratulations, Zuzu! The purple arctic hood you won will soon be sent to you from a storage account.

Today, I'm going to be giving away a rare star cape! Simply comment your username, status, and a number between 1-100 to enter. Thanks to all who participate; good luck! Also, don't forget about the party in about a half an hour from now! c:


  1. This is so sweet of you for doing this, Naffy!
    User: Lostfairy
    Status: Member
    Number: 73

  2. Thank you so much, Naffy! This will be my second Beta ever! :D

  3. Why not?
    Username: novanightmares
    Status: (I'm kinda not sure what this means, sorry if I fill it out wrong) Non Member
    Number: 82

  4. Cheetah87516
    26 (gonna use from now on so it doesn't make it hard on me to choose, lol)

  5. My username is geena22,
    my number from 1-100 is 99.


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