Saturday, December 17, 2016

New Animal Predictions

Hey Jammers!

In the recent update, as many of you already know, the Jamaa Journal announced that a new animal will soon be coming. But what animal could it be?

On the same day the update was released, there was a message in a bottle. The message had an obvious typo, where the word ''bad'' was spelled with two a's, like ''baad''.

Now, there is a slight possibility that this was merely just a mistake on AJHQ's part, but the community believes that this is a hint to what the new animal is going to be.

Let's play a guessing game. What animal makes the sound BAA?


Good job! You get a gold star for answering the question correctly!

Hehe. Well, that's all I have to discuss today. What do you guys think the new animal could be?


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  1. Wow, sheep? It's hard to see sheep roaming AJ. I was kind of hoping ostriches would be next. #OstrichesWillBeMissed. Anyone else want ostriches? -Akmlynx ^.^

  2. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sheep. But I am FURIOUS at Ajhq already, for making toucans. I was super exited for ostriges! Toucans? Amazing. Sheep? ADORKABLE. But neither of those are the ostriges they promised! Anybody share my opinions?

  3. Sheep! :D I wonder what they will look like!?

  4. Hmm...... interesting..... It would be nice if they keep making animals to a minimum, and maybe try and fix other problems? I don't know, sheep sound okay, but, erm, I believe that this is supposed to be a wild animal game, not "Barnyard Jam" if that's how you would put it. Still, it would be interesting to see how they will turn out. :)



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