Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Series 2 Adopt-A-Pet Play Houses to Come Soon

Hey guys! I have some exciting news to share!

On the toys section of the Animal Jam website, it says that a second series of the Adopt-A-Pet play houses is coming soon!

The Treasure Chests set was recently released, and hopefully soon we'll see a series two of those adorable teensy pets.

Well, that's all of the time I have for today. Goodbye!


  1. Series Two is actually an igloo instead of a pet house! I took a peek at the toy site.. :')

    1. Isn't it a chest? My friend has the chest ones, she got a pet seal from one of the codes! She also got another seal and gave it to me! :)

  2. I have 6 of the blind houses, im getting 4 more. PS the 5th promo for the blind houses is a lions mane. Also if anyone has a headdress, i will offer:

    1 milkshake hat, 3 magenta spikes, 3 black spikes, 2 yellow spikes, 2 feathered masks, 1 lions mane, 1 rare fox hat (pink), 1 blue and white spike, 2 glossy cupid wings, and about 4 rare bows and arrows (very rare they are NM) also im Creativename123


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