Sunday, November 27, 2016

Snowyclaw is Now a Member of AJHQ

That's right, Jammers! Snowyclaw is now working at AJHQ as a digital media intern.

She's going to be working with the community and marketing teams throughout the school year.

AJHQ released the first episode of a new mini-series on their YouTube channel a few days ago called Snowy Presents. In this episode, Snowy collabs with AJ artist Artymis and gives us some art/masterpiece tips.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

What do you guys think of having a "Jambassador'' as an employee of AJHQ? This definitely is a big step in not just Snowy's life, but the Animal Jam community as well.

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  1. Wow okay, that must be a very busy job when your in school, especially university or college.

  2. I feel like she's going to make benefits for YouTubers, and forget about us Jammers, since she knows them personally. She also won't have time to make videos either :c

  3. Being a part ofAJHQ is my dream job. :P

    1. Same but by the time I am old enough AJ will be gone.

  4. I'm so glad Snowy is a member of AJHQ, she definitely is the best choice :D (I'm also excited becuase she buddied me XD)

  5. That's really cool that she works at AJHQ, and I hope she enjoys her new job!

  6. I think it's really cool that Snowy is a member of AJHQ. I feel like Julian2 will be next XDD
    Hey, since she's an AJ art genius, maybe Snowy will be able to force some new art tools into the game XD

  7. I think it's dumb. She acts like the queen of Animal Jam, and AJ just panders to that and now she's even working there. There are other people out there who love Animal Jam just as much as she does, but I don't think AJ and WildWorks realize that.

  8. Sorry, that was a really negative comment. I just don't really like Snowyclaw. I know this blog is a positive place, so I'll try to make more optimistic comments in the future.


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