Monday, November 28, 2016

A Girl Who Played AJ Got Murdered!?

Hey Jammers!

This is going to be a rather serious post, since we're going to be discussing serious things like murder.

Before I get into any explaining, let me give you a link to a video about this horrific tragedy. Click here if you're interested in watching it. I suggest you do (if you're comfortable with it), because at the end it shows why exactly I'm making this post.

Now for the story.

So, last summer a fifteen-year-old boy alledgedly lured twelve-year-old Kailey Vijil out of her house around midnight by asking for help looking for his lost cat. He took Kailey to an open field, and then strangled her with a t-shirt and left her body lying lifelessly on the ground.

According to charging documents, the boy tried the same tactics on another girl twenty minutes prior to when he knocked on Kailey's door.

Sad, isn't it?

Take a look at this picture of Kailey, courtesy to the Vijil family.

Image result for kailey vijil

As you can see, Kailey is giving a hug to Liza at the SLC Comic Con!

You can make an inference that Kailey liked to play Animal Jam. Or maybe she was just at Comic Con and decided to give a creepy giant panda a hug. You never know! :P

But, let's be honest here... she probably played AJ.

Kailey, you will forever be remembered by your family and friends, and the Animal Jam community.

Thanks for being a part of this game.


  1. That's so horrible, I don't even know what to say.

    -swirlshine (on school computer)

  2. Oh my gosh..... D: Who... who would...... That's soooo sad.....

  3. Oh my days... That's so horrible.

    I just...

    I hope a youtuber finds this out and makes a video on it to tell all of AJ's players and get this poor girl known.


  4. That is so sad......... -Stares at post for a while- Little kids out there, don't EVER meet up with a stranger in real life. It is very dangerous, who knows what they could do to you? RIP Kailey D:


  5. Oh my god. WHY? why would this ever SEEP into your mind? WHY would you ever want to KILL SOMEONE. WHY

  6. Do you know why he wanted to kill her? This is so sad!!!! D:

  7. This only shows how awful and wicked and broken our world is. We can't turn away from Kailey's killer. Because you have to be broken inside to break someone else. And we have to mend him, to reach out to him, before he is beyond repair. Rest in peace Kailey. And know that there are people in this world who will cry for you tonight.

  8. Why would anyone want to do that?!
    By the way my username is Korean so you wouldn't understand it. So ignore it. (please)


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