Sunday, November 13, 2016

Peck's Earring

Hi everyone! :)

So, if you've been keeping up with the Animal Jam community lately (or just the game in general), you'll know that Peck is apparently missing her earring.

You know, the little jingle bell that is pierced on the end of Peck's ear?

Image result for animal jam peck

Yeah, that one.

In a secret room in the Front Lines adventure, Peck somehow misplaced her precious earring, and Greely, for whatever reason, found it sitting in a pool. But that's somewhat besides the point... I think. :/

What really bugs me about Peck's earring, though, is how the ear it is pierced onto alternates in different images and graphics of Peck.

Here's a quick example.

See the picture of Peck above?

Now look at this picture:

Image result for animal jam peck

See? The earring and the thin purplish-pinkish ribbon swap ears. o.0

Here's another example.

Take a look at this picture:

Image result for animal jam peck

Now take a look at this picture:

Image result for animal jam peck

Again, do you get what I'm trying to say?

I mean, this graphic of the old version of Peck doesn't even HAVE an earring OR a ribbon on any of her ears!

Image result for animal jam peck

Don't you think that all of this is kind of odd?

It may or may not have anything to do with the whole ''missing earring'' jazz, but it's quite interesting to observe how the artists at AJHQ interpret where Peck's accessories should go.

What do you guys think? Which Peck do you like better: the old Peck, or the new Peck? I think both are pretty decent.

Thanks for reading, and keep on whipping! ^_^


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