Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Entertainment Center Den Tip

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This epic entertainment center for all Jammers was created by MythicalSpiritWolf1, whom was given a shout-out on MisterChunkyBuddy's blog. Why not try this den tip out to give your living room some spice? :)

What You Need:
Wavy Bookshelves
Bamboo Fence
Mini Game Arcade System (any)

Place two wavy bookshelves a reasonable distance away from each other and then put the arcade system right in between them. Stick a bamboo fence in front of it and voila! Your very own entertainment center! ^.^


  1. Artymis's art is truly the best,
    Snowyclaw makes my heart warm,
    Ajhq makes me laugh till my sides hurt,
    But Naffy, you make me smile.

    I <3 you, Naffy!

    PS. Just in case, my user is zuzu1199 :)

  2. I love the new template/header/whatever you call it SO MUCH


  3. Oh that's so cool!

    Awesome new template by the way!


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