Saturday, November 26, 2016

Snow Leopard Slippers

Hi Jammers! ^.^

Recently an author over at the DE leaked a picture of a warm and fuzzy pair of snow leopard slippers that come exclusively with the new Animal Jam Boxes.

It also comes with a code that gives you a virtual version of the slippers!

I personally think the virtual slippers look absolutely adorable. :)

The first-ever Animal Jam box ships just in time for the holidays. So, if you want to get your very own snow leopard slippers, go to

Thanks for reading. Happy jamming!


  1. I'd so get these if I was in the US, but they probably don't come in an 8 woman's size. My feet are huge.


  2. I love those shoes but, the boxes are like 25 dollars each. Yikes. Time to save up. =P

  3. What if they were too small or big for you.. O.o XDDDD

  4. I was SO exited for these, and then I read the pricetag...This might take a while..

  5. They sadly don't come in adult sizes

  6. Hola Cheer! Its Me Le Ocelot

  7. i have these snow leopard slippers on aj their so cute

    1. Ever wonder what the Snow Leopard Slippers are worth?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Please comment your username if you have these, I really want a pair. I would probably even trade my pink spike wrist if you add a few items, because I hate spikes. Thanks. (:

  11. I wonder what are they worth....
    They're so cute!!!

  12. i have them on aj looking for rare long spikes im puppypaws299 jag me your offer

  13. Would anyone take blue glossy wings for their snow leopard slippers? Jag me! My user is apb2293!

  14. I am looking for snow leopard slippers, willing to give almost anything I have for them, username is Wolfegames

  15. Would like these, jag me please at hlmarie
    I have alot to offer


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