Friday, November 18, 2016

My Favorite RIMs

Image result for animal jam rare heart locket

Image result for animal jam freedom bands

Image result for animal jam rare headdress

Image result for animal jam rare cupcake hat

Image result for animal jam rare freedom glove

Image result for animal jam rare mechanical angel helmet

Image result for animal jam rare elf helmet

Image result for animal jam rare  candy cane socks


  1. My favourites-
    Rare fox hat
    Rare longbow
    Rare crossbow
    Rare Zios mask
    Rare headdress
    Rare mech helmet
    Rare arctic hood
    Rare freedom bands
    Rare steampunk goggles (I mean the colours aren't my favourite but I collect goggles lol)
    Rare elf armour
    Freedom pirate sword


    1. Woah that's a hot list of favorites right there, my dude!

    2. mines the headdreses

  2. Nafaria 9 can i ask you something????????
    When you had your costume party i tried to come! I was late because of homework. I jagged you, too, and i buddied you, but you never accepted. i buddied u like 5 times, no reply. actually, u turned ur requests off....
    U kinda hurt me there :(
    I told my mom in advance that I wanted to go, but.... homework first :(
    so y didnt u accept????
    I really liked your blog and wanted to be your buddy.
    Im friends with Lostfairy. and shes rlly nice

    1. Sorry about that! I don't usually buddy people that I don't know very well. I'm glad you like the blog though.

      What is your username?

    2. Thats ok :D gLAD i said something. I'd rather not say it here, but i can jag u so u know its me
      ill say

      Hi its me from aj whiplash

      lol just that XD thx :)
      Sorry if i pumped on the wrong foot, we just put our dog down to sleep forever so im really hurting :( bye!

  3. Rare pirate sword (cause non members)
    Rare sparten helmet (looks great on my eagle and was my first rare) :)
    Rare dragonfly wings (Be-YOO-tiful!)

  4. Hey, Naf! It's me, ilovemyfamily153666. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't really remember me. I haven't been on AJ for months. I quit a while back, but just got on again tonight and... I don't know. I think I'm starting to get back into it. maybe you'll be seeing me soon? Hopefully?
    -Fam C:

    1. Hey Fam! :D It's been so long! I really hope we can have a nice chat sometime to catch up on what we've missed in each others' lives. ^.^ Hope you're doing well!

    2. I know, right? And same. I saw you online earlier but you logged off before I could talk to you.
      I'm honestly not doing too good at the moment. I might explain later on. I just don't wanna talk about it right now.
      Hope you're doing alright though! :D

  5. sweet kernelpops and dillydang poopbuzzes arent u just the bees knees!

    - <3 your secret admirer ;) <3


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