Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Need Your Help!

Hey! ^.^

So, in a couple of days from now I am going to be releasing a new post where I react to some of my old posts. My friend Penguin came up with this idea, so kudos to him for being the creative one here. ;)

The only problem is. I have so many cringy posts to choose from that I don't know which ones to pick! That's where you guys come in.

Tell me in the comments three posts from anywhere between 2012-2015 that you would like me to react to. I'm both excited and frightened to hear your thoughts. :p

Thanks again! And good luck.


  1. The July Webkinz Recipe

  2. This is not a post, but react to your icecream angel videos again! XD!

  3. Oh geez I really don't know. Maybe just look up your blog with "2012" and any other one of those years behind the Whip? I'm sure something would show up

  4. In 2012 you had a collecting marshmellows page

  5. Maybe "Whew." from October 15, 2013? Or "!!!???" from November 29th, 2014. And "PLEASE!" from August 14, 2013. :P


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