Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thank You! :)

Thank you all so much for the compliments so far and yesterday! Today's my real birthday, and it's also the birthday party.

And, I'm so glad that many of you can make it to the party this time! :D

Just another quick reminder.

It'll be super, super fun!

Anyway, today's new item is a Surfboard. It's like the one that returned in the sea, but this time it's for land.

The design of the surfboard is good! Especially the cute cartoon sun. ^3^

This morning I was talking with some friends. One of them, norty, said that Free Chat is now restricted and blocked off to all NM accounts. 

(I captured this moment when norty, the cheetah, released the news. Teehee. :P)

But seriously, it's true! Get on to your parent dashboard and see for yourself.

This sign will pop up if you try to get Free Chat on a NM account that doesn't already have it:

This is awful! It shocked and appalled me to see this update. First everyone ranted about the chat history, and AJHQ didn't do anything about it. Then they put this into the game, so sooner or later everybody will discover this too. AJ's gonna get a lot of complaints if they continue to do this stuff. And, people will leave because they'll think it's an unfair site.

AJHQ, more NMs exist in Jamaa than Members do! Members are taking over because there's barely anything left for the Non-Members! If the NMs can't pay for Membership, they'll just slip out of Jamaa, and without NMs AJ can't be AJ.

Yet, if the NMs can pay for Membership, Members will rule anyway.

It's not fair.

What do you think of this?

Tell me in the comments. Bye, and I hope to see you at the party!


  1. Actually, I got membership.... One of the big reasons was the chat arrow. And have you noticed how eagle's nametags go over everyone else's? AJ did that, too. Good business tactics for jammers who are hosting a party or want to be traded and no one can click on their nametag.

  2. I can't believe that Animal Jam isn't allowing non-members to have free chat! COME ON! Plus, since the new chat update, we can't even use correct grammar. It drives me bonkers. And isn't not allowing non-members to have free chat a violation of 'freedom of speech?'

    Seriously. Pretty soon AJHQ is going to start limiting poor non-members to 'bubble chat' only. -_-

  3. How about me? I'm a non member, but I have free chat. Probably because I was a member before. And I'm totally telling AJHQ about this. Ugh! It makes me so mad! >:(

    1. Yeah, all NM people who had free chat before still have it, but NMs that didn't have it before can't get it.

  4. WHAAAT?????!!!!! That is completely unfair. Non members, we have to stay strong. Don't quit because of this. Jamaa is facing dark times right now. Soon, a light will shine. I wonder what the AJNM has to say about this.

    1. Lol, I posted about it on the AJNM. Coincidence. :3

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  6. Can you put the followers gadget up? I wanna follow your blog!!!!

    1. That has a little issue. You see, my blog doesn't allow followers for some reason, and if it did, the link would have to change. So sadly no followers. :(

  7. I can't believe they would do such a thing! I mean... chat being restricted to nonmembers? And I though AJ was more fair than most games.... I'm disappointed in AJHQ.

  8. .-.
    I can tolerate not being able to buy all items, not being able to get all animals, not being able to test Adventures when they're released, and other stuff like that, but THIS.

    This is what I do NOT call unfairness.

    This is what I call discrimination.

    I'm pretty sure all NMs already noticed that since a few months you can't check the chat history, which is quite stupid, but ANIMAL JAM. You CAN'T DO THIS. This actually makes to NOT want to support AJ by buying a membership. I'm even quite ashamed that I bought one and glad that mine's expired since like 2-3 days ago.

    But this is just cruel. And stupid. I mean AT LEAST in CP you can chat as a NM, but ANIMAL JAM!! You just CAN'T DO SUCH A DUMB THING! You're probably making jammers quit BECAUSE of this! I hate to say this, but I may quit if the next update is worse. Don't worry, I'll still get on AJ like once every week or so, and I'll still view this blog, but I won't play/support AJ anymore.

    This is the worst update ever.

    It's worse then the Diamond Shop.

    It removed our freedom to say what we want to say.

    I have a lot of NM accounts I don't use BTW, so if any of you new NMs out there want one I can change the Dash' account.

    This is just a small thing, but it is... Shocking. I'm sorry, but if the next update removes our "safe chat" and/or something worse, I'm quitting.



  9. The e-mail I sent to AJ (copy/pasted):

    Hello AJHQ.

    I am an AJ player/jammer, and I have a little... Complain about the new Free Chat restriction to NMs.
    I know that you call this "a way to improve AJ so we can get more members to play the game to get more money", but this is just discrimination. I am aware it is only a game, but because of this, people are going to quit no matter what. I was thinking of buying an Arctic Wolf giftcard and maybe a 6 month membership, but now the thought of it just makes me sick.

    I am not going to support an unfair game.

    The early days of Animal Jam was great: there was hardly any unfairness.

    But just this update makes me disgusted by the Headquarters. I am speaking for myself and for others, too. I am aware that this e-mail will be useless, that you won't care, that you will think that I'm an idiot for writing a useless e-mail, that you will say "Thanks for your advice!" and not care about it and STILL put that useless advertisement of diamonds at the end of the e-mail, that you will probably suspend me for a while, but honestly, I don't care. At all. I'm thinking of quitting (even if I have free chat) and I think that's what other wonderful NMs will do because they can't afford a membership.

    This update will only cause drama.

    And because of NMs quitting, their "Member Besties" will probably also quit.

    So this is just my opinion and the one of other people:
    This is the worst update ever. It's even worse then the Diamond Shop.


    A Jammer at heart.

    What was the original AJ message again? Oh. I forgot. Help nature and understand the environment. Now it's just "Buy a Membership instead of being a Non-Member loser!"

    1. You spoke for me my brave friend. c:

    2. "Buy a Membership instead of being a Non-Member loser!" is like.... right for the new message. DUH THAT'S SO CRUEL!!!
      Non members are not losers.

      AJHQ, if you are reading this, please understand I will stop continuing to play AJ if you keep being idiots like this.

  10. yor birthday party was THE BEST! im sooooooooo glad i came! anyways, my clan is iceclan, maybe i could show you around the camp sometime? anyways, i ate too much cake at your party! lol! animal jam is reducing our freedom! we should have a protest! we should get to say ANYTHING we want!(unless its swear words!) i mean, seriously! animal jam just wants more money so that they can make more members only things! its not fair, and it NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! seriously, this is a CRIME against us! lots of ppl may be members, and have forgotten what its like to be a nonmember, they are living the fat, kittypet life, while we are warriors who depend on ourselves for survival, but our nonmember survival chances are fading, just like the forests around the world! sincerely, moonstar88745, protester for the people

  11. Thanks for posting what I said, it's always good to spread awareness! :) Also, since my FIRST account, dareingdanny, still has freechat, I will say if you were a NM and had freechat BEFORE this happened, you'll still have it.

  12. Lol. That was in my den. We started flipping everything in the den upside down. TwT


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