Friday, April 4, 2014

Cumpleanos y Casa

Hi! I'm baaaack!

Wow, things haven't really changed since the last time I played on AJ. Heh, I haven't been hacked! In fact, I'm so annoyed and bored of these hacking reports that I'm gonna quit doing them for the safety of our accounts and boredom! Whoopee! :D

Given that, I'm returning my stuff to nafaria9 from Crestedclaw again, so I can decorate my new Sol Arcade den I got today from yesterday's spring update. :)

Yet I'm kind of sad I missed the April Fool's celebration. I didn't get to go to the party at all. Nevermind about that. There's one coming up in about an hour. :P

Ooh! Decorating this den is fun, because if you have a variety of wallpapers and floors you can experiment with them. The blue vines and flower carpet look awesome. :3

Anyway, today's new item is a Tutu, similar to the underwater one that releases during the Night of the Phantoms.

It's an okay product for them ballerinas out there. 

Tomorrow is mi cumpleanos! (Tomorrow is my birthday!) Should I have a fiesta and a concurso? (Should I have a party and a contest?) Trust me, if I do have a fiesta, it will be the mas dulce fiesta ever! That means the sweetest party ever. By sweet I mean cake, ice cream, lollipops, caramelized apples, more cake, cupcakes, and on and on and on.

Enough of my Mexican.

Alright, this post is looong overdue. Bye!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nafaria9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you have a party, I'll dress up as Alyssa. XD

    1. X3
      I'll try coming to your party Naffy Taffy (if it isn't at midnight LOL)!


  2. Ooh! Do you take mexican classes or are you mexican? Either way it's cool! I don't know what language I want to take when I'm older, but I know I'll find one that catches my interest! Also, happy brithday, and I've let go of that hacker stuff, too. I havn't put all ym stuff back yet though, the space is pretty nice! I havn't had so much space in so so so so so so SOOO long! x3
    ~ animals352

    1. Hehe, thank you Animals, Creepers, Mythy and Nummy! :) I'm not Mexican, but my school comes with a free Spanish class, so I've had Spanish class for 4 years. XD

    2. Hablo Español también pero soy horrible >_<
      Yo no soy española pero me gusta mucho el español entonces le apprendo (si lo dicemos así) :P


  3. Nafaria, your blog now has the same quote as mine... just so you know.
    I may take my banner down. Well, it's not as if it matters because I'm quitting, sooo. :)

    1. Oopsies! I didn't mean to copy. I guess it doesn't matter either if you are quitting... -sigh- The thought of leaving makes me sad. :(

  4. PARTEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hehe. Ignore that. But do a party, please!
    And yay! You're back! :D


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