Thursday, February 1, 2018

Nafaria Does AJ Dares #2

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip! Today, I will be doing a long-awaited sequel to the ''Nafaria Does AJ Dares'' post I made back in September of last year. You guys gave me some dares to do, and now I am going to do them! Let's get started!

Canine Claw dared me to show everyone the ''true power of the dab''. Here we go...

Someone thought it was amazing, apparently, so I guess that's a good thing.

Kraft dared me to go into an Aldan server full of serious traders and run around screaming ''I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!'' with a chicken hat on my head.


Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.

Image result for we know the wae

whiteseal187 dared me to go to Jamaa Township and trade a person over and over again until they got annoyed.

I didn't get much of a reaction out of them, but I managed to screenshot this...

I hope you find Papyrus, Leaping Happyrose.

violet86271 dared me to spend 10,000 gems on a bunch of useless items and try to create a den with them. Here's a small portion of the den that I made:

It definitely isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but it could be worse, I suppose.

She also dared me to create a clan called the "Water Fluff Clan'' and get people to join. Sadly, I didn't have much luck with that.

glittergal624 dared me to shout horrible Warrior Cats ships in front of hardcore, serious roleplayers. I'm not too familiar with the Warriors Cats ships, because it's been so long since I last read the books, but I tried my best.

Swift Lightningivy was quite passionate about the subject. I then proceeded to ship Tigerstar and Bluestar, and I got a few more reactions.

talonflame80841 gave me two dares: one, go to the Pillow Room and adopt as many people as possible, and two, start a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse roleplay. I decided to combine the two dares by adopting people and then turning my family into the roleplay.


sarahkey8 dared me to use ''advanced Warrior Cats vocabulary'', but as I mentioned before, I'm not the greatest when it comes to Warrior Cats-related things.

Yeah... I tried.

She also dared me to scream ''Aparri is gross'', ''Wisteria is gross'', and "I am glad Julian2 quit''.

The final dare was given to me by an anonymous viewer, but they told me to go to a random person's den and say ''hi'' over and over again.

They didn't care that much. Oh well!

There was one other dare that was given to me by hamstermaniac12, but I didn't have any time to try it. I will attempt it as soon as I can find myself a green cheese hat!

Thanks for reading. Bye Jammers, and happy jamming!


  1. I was gonna make you spend all your gems on useless items but I decided not too, cause I feel like you have a lot...XD Ahaha my fav is the Mickey Mouse oneXD, I love how that person is just why why?

  2. I forgot to leave a dare. Well, I had no dares in my mind at the time.

  3. XD at least nice sunny girl actually didnt mind. Can't wait for the next aj dares!-talonflame80841

  4. "Swift Lightningivy was quite passionate about the subject. I then proceeded to ship Tigerstar and Bluestar, and I got a few more reactions."
    Oh oh oh oh oh

    - whiteseal187 AJ

  5. Tigerstar and Bluestar? NOOOOOOOOOO! :p lol
    i like the one when u ran around with a chicken hat on ur head saying "I AM THE CHOSEN ONE" XD I got a good laugh out of That!

  6. *quietly obsessing over the Warriors dares*


    Hey wheres my profile gone
    Can U talk about warriors sometime nafffy??

    *slaps self in face*


  7. XD


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