Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Favorite Animal Jam Plushies

Hi Jammers! Nafaria here!

Plushies have held a space in my heart ever since I joined Animal Jam, so today I thought it would be fun to choose one plushie from each animal group that I like the most and put its picture in the post. Heh, that kind of rhymed!

Without any further ado, let's start!

The-Claw Wolf-Plushie Rooster

I used to make a plushie comic back in 2013 with this little guy. His name was Chicken Wolf... yeah, pretty basic, I know.

The-Claw Panda-Plushie Black

The-Claw Bunny-Plushie Bowtie

The-Claw Monkey-Plushie Wig

The-Claw Koala-Plushie Wrestling-Mask

The-Claw Seal-Plushie Orange

This seal plushie was the first plushie I won, and it was also the first den item I got.

The-Claw Elephant-Plushie Tusks

The-Claw Crocodile-Plushie Rainbow

The-Claw Horse-Plushie Top-Hat

The-Claw Lion-Plushie King

The-Claw Giraffe-Plushie Dragon

The-Claw Fox-Plushie Shoe

The-Claw Fox-Plushie Wig

Yeah, I have two favorite fox plushies. The blue one doesn't really have a story behind it, but the pink one does. The pink fox plushie was Chicken Wolf's best friend in the plushie comic I made. His name was Afro Fox.

Red Raccoon Plushie

The-Claw Deer-Plushie Gift

The-Claw Eagle-Plushie Viking

The-Claw Arctic-Wolf-Plushie Tail-Armor

The-Claw Tiger-Plushie Necklace

The-Claw Snow-Leopard-Plushie Red

The red snow leopard is Krystal. She was the primary protagonist of my 2014 plushie comic, Krystal the Snow Leopard.

The-Claw Kangaroo-Plushie Socks

The-Claw Otter-Plushie DJ

The-Claw Lynx-Plushie Purple-Hat

Hyena plushie 7

The-Claw Llama-Plushie Hair

The-Claw Falcon-Plushie Red

The-Claw Snow-Leopard-Plushie Ice-Cream

Another snow leopard, just because I love ice cream. :P

The-Claw Cheetah-Plushie Yellow

The-Claw Owl-Plushie Orange-Cloud

Octopus-Plushie Purple Shop

That's all for today. What are some of your favorite plushies?

Bye Jammers!


  1. Honestly, plushies are SUCH a big part of my AJ childhood, and they are also the first den items I got (besides the table and rug)

  2. now this is what i call "foreshadowing"

  3. One time, I collected all of the lynx plushies and the seal plush. I still have most of them. I dont have the heart to recycle the extras so I give them to New-Ish jammers D:

  4. I have all the koala plushies at the moment! I just love them so much! ^.^

  5. That otter plushie is one of my favorites also i roleplayed with it once


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