Friday, February 16, 2018


Hey Jammers!

Today is a revolutionary day in Jamaa. A day like this hasn't occurred for several years - five years, to be exact. The last time there was a day like this was in the summer of 2013.

Yes, today, us Jammers finally get the thing we've been anticipating for oh so long - a brand new LAND!

The area up in the top left corner of the map that has been speculated to become a new land FOREVER is finally a land, and its name is Balloosh.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the name, but the land itself is pretty awesome. Let's take a look at it!

Here is the ancient rock that brought us all here in the middle of the land.

As you go up the stairs on your left, you will come across a mysterious temple-like building covered in thick, green vines. I wonder what it could be!

I love the lanterns hanging from the trees scattered all throughout Balloosh. Very aesthetic.

This is the view from the tippity top of the treehouse.

There are numerous waterfalls that flow into the ponds in Balloosh.

These strange rocks remind me of Stonehenge. What could their purpose possibly be?

The shop in Balloosh is called Ancient Antiquities.

It currently only has six items for sale, and five of them are for members only. That petrified tree would look great in nature dens!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the new land. I love the wetland biome they've given it. It reminds me of that one part in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest when Jack Sparrow and his crew navigate their way through the bayou to find Tia Dalma, the voodoo priestess.

I also love the music for the land. I hope we'll be able to purchase it and use it in our dens someday!

A Journey Book guide for Balloosh will be up sooner or later, so keep checking the blog daily for that.

Thanks for reading, and have fun as you explore Jamaa's newest land!


  1. OOOOOO, I can see why you thought of PotC! That's actually accurate!! :o

    What I think of Balloosh:
    -AMAZING art and design
    -Should have been named Petopia Peaks (Swirlshine's idea from forever ago!)
    -Excited to see what's in the temple
    -LOVE THE PETRIFIED TREE. I needed a dead looking tree!!
    -Music rocks!
    -Wish it looked a BIT more like the other lands
    -Have theory about the rock

  2. We've been waiting for years, eh? AJ probably plans things years in advance.

  3. Personally Balloosh looks like something from my disgusting old aj fan fiction (remember? It was called "AJ Adventures" and was my pride and joy from 2014-2016. Cringe.

    I like the design.

    Also the name sounds like some kind of Pokemon..

    Also that temple leads to a portal and you cant convince me otherwise


    Kraft's quote of the day, a new segment where I comment the weirdest thing I said today-
    "when I sing I sound like Shrek on helium"

  4. It's pretty awesome. But really, why is it called "balloosh?" like, what the heck was Ajhq thinking? XD It looks really cool, but very different from the other lands.

  5. Balloosh is such a great land! Though I agree the name is a bit um.... different and interesting.

  6. Personally, I like it, although it is a bit dark and seems too adventure themed. We’re gonna have to face it though, this place will become like kimbara.


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