Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Short Vacation

Hey guys! Just so you all know, I will be on vacation for Thanksgiving. I will be gone on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I won't be back until late Sunday night. Thanks, and have a happy Thanksgiving (if you're from the USA!)


  1. Heh, That's funny, I'm leaving for a Thanksgiving trip tomorrow! XD I think we'll be back, Saturday or Sunday, I can't remember which. :P

  2. Hope you have an amazing vacation too! And be thankful! ( Everybody should be thankful, even if you're not in the USA )

    1. Ye, but we (I am in a diff country, no where near the USA) would be thankful for other things... Not.. Dang I forgot what Thanksgivin was about somethin about Native Americians and Pakeha

      Sorry speaking in one of the languages from my country..
      I dont know the word though..



      Yep right word now

  3. We'll miss you Naffy! Have a good vacation and Thanksgiving with your family! :DD

  4. Have a lovely vacation!!!! <3 And Happy Thanksgiving!! (Even though I'm not American) :P


  5. Ur always on vacation. r u rich?


  6. IMO Thanksgiving is a horrible holiday, and both its historical basis and current repercussions are based on cruelty and unneeded slaughter. The historical basis stems from the English massacring the Native Americans, and celebrating afterwards by feasting. Now, every year, approximately 46 million turkeys are forcefully bred, raised in torturous conditions all their life of 46 days, during which they must survive in horrible, crammed, conditions, and then slaughtered by being dunked in electrified water and then beheaded. Think about this. This is 46 million turkeys. Think about how many 46 million beings is. Each one can feel pain, and emotion. And 46 million of these beings need to survive this every year, to commemorate the killing of Native American tribes. I just love Thanksgiving.


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