Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fall Fashion Show 2017 Voting Day #2: DOUBLE ELIMINATION

Hi Jammers! Welcome to the second round of the 2017 Fall Fashion Show. Today is a double elimination, which means instead of voting out one person, vote out two! Good luck everyone!


  1. Small Leafyfan and Old Pinkcat. So sorry!

  2. I eliminate myself small leafyfan and old pink cat. I hate my outfit small leafyfan. I was not very creative. It looks cool but I did not do a very good job.

  3. I vote out Small Leafy Fan and Old Pink Cat Sorry! DX
    *Husky Ninja

  4. Darling Kawaiibunny and either Old Pinkcat or Small Leafyfan... Those are some amazing looks tho!

  5. Smallleafy fan and old pink cat, sorry DX

  6. Small Leafyfan and Old Pinkcat.


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