Saturday, November 18, 2017

Old Medical Center Music Mystery

Hey Jammers!

About a week or so ago, a Jammer called TheOneAndOnlySomething made a very interesting discovery.

Hidden deep in AJ's servers, they stumbled upon an audio file named ''amb_medical_center.mp3''. Obviously this is the audio file for the Medical Center, but after listening to it, you can tell that this is not the same music you hear in the Medical Center we have now (or, more specifically, Gabby's Animal Hospital). Here is the link to the video so you can listen to it for yourself:

I assume the music is from the Medical Center that was open during the early days of Animal Jam.

Honestly, the audio sounds kind of creepy in a way. I mean, what kind of doctor's office has noises of  hammers pounding nails and saws cutting wood in the background?

Unless the doctors are murderers, and instead of cutting wood, they're cutting BODIES... spooky...

I apologize if that put a disturbing image into your mind. Anyways, thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know what you think of this weird soundtrack in the comments. Bye!




    I'm listening to it over and over..

    Wait.... Didn't Club Geoz go under construction a few years ago?

  2. I didn’t listen to the song but uh, that’s creepy. 0.0

    1. Same. Sounds creepy enough, not even sure if I'm gonna try listening to it... - shivers -

  3. Remember the Deep Blue Music?

    1. O,O
      You just HAD TO BRING THAT UP DIDN'T YOU! That scared the daylights out of me O,O

  4. The old medical center was my favorite place to go when I played in that era and I believe there was music going over the sounds in the video, but it was definitely not the music that's in the medical center now.

  5. Don't woeey Naff! I've read the horrortale comic before so that image wasn't very disturbing. Anyways, i'm really glad that they changed the original hospital to Gabby's Animal Hospital. The original was kiinda creepy lol.


  6. I don't have time and just simply can't make an outfit for the fashion show. Mind extending the date for a bit? (I mean, I have my own blog to manage and I only get ten minutes of computer time a DAY.)


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