Monday, April 18, 2016

Wizard Hat and Mechanical Angel Helmet Graphics + Weird Glitch

Hey there! C:

My friend swirlshine requested a few graphics, so here they are! Everyone can use them, not just swirlshine. And you only have to give me credit if you want to. ^.^

I hope they're exactly what you wanted, swirlshine! :3

Also, the other day when I was playing the Phantom Portal, a strange glitch occurred. When I twisted the cork into the giant phantom pipe, it exploded and left a frozen waterfall of purple goop! o-o

Oh my... I wonder who's gonna clean up that mess, the phantom janitor!? xP

I will add this glitch to the glitches page as soon as possible for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for reading, everybody! You guys are the!


  1. This has happened to me before. It's very weird. -Cookie0417

  2. how do you make those pictures?

  3. The glitch has happened to me countless times; also, great graphics!


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