Thursday, April 7, 2016

AJHQ Visits Utah Jr. High

Hey there, Jammers! ^-^ Did you know that AJHQ recently made a trip to Utah Jr. High, set up a booth, and visited with the students for a career fair?

Here is a picture of what the booth looked like (image credit to snowyclaw):


Don't cha think that's pretty cool!? I want AJHQ to come to MY school! :P 

Hey, I only live about an hour away from WildWorks' location anyway, so why not call them up and book a date? xD Hehe, just kidding.

Well, I guess I'm officially off vacation. It was loads of fun. :3

Oh, and by the way - my birthday party is THIS SATURDAY at 10:00 A.M. MST! Be there or be square! Bye!


  1. Are you doing it at your den? If so, I'll try to come!

    1. The party? Yes, the party will be at my den. :)

  2. Hi Taff! Happy late birthday! I'll post you a gift on my blog :) I got a blog btw! Wanna come? i am Pinewillow. Enter the web address: . I have been inspired by you for ages, and i finally made a blog! Hope you like it, and ill make your gifts really soon :)

  3. I may be able to come!


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