Sunday, April 24, 2016

550K Party Pictures

Thanks to all who came to the party! It was so much fun. ^.^


  1. That was fun! SwirlShine is probably hosting one, so might I for my bday

  2. AWWWW!!! Boooooo!!!!! I forgot about the party and it looks sooooo fuuuuuun!

  3. Sorry I had to leave early! :( My mom... grrr.

  4. I meant 500k when I wrote "It's the Phantom Invasion of Taffy's 500 views party!" but I forgot :3

  5. The party was FABULOUS. Such a shame I had to have dinner DX
    Pineapple is sad but Pineapple had a good time

  6. I'm sorry I wasn't able to go but congrats on so many views!! :D

  7. I completely forgot and then a few hours after I was like "I FORGET IT WAS NAFFYS PARTY"

  8. Looks like you had fun though! Also nice new blog template

  9. The party was EPIC! Congrats on 550k views Naffy! I had to eat dinner in the middle, so I missed most of it. :) ~awesomecutesmiles
    P.S: I was wolf with headphones on bottom of second pic!

  10. That was fun Nafi! I can't wait for the next one! ^.^-cheer


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