Friday, April 29, 2016

Animal Jam Mini Tag

Hey Jammers! My friend awesomepanda868 created an Animal Jam Mini Tag the other day with Photoshop, and I wanted to participate! ^.^ A tag is simply where you answer the questions included in the tag. So, without further ado, here we go!

1. Probably the deer, polar bears, wolves, and seals. ^.^
2. The animated smiley emoji and the ice cream. :p
3. You guys are my idols. You're all so purrrrfect. <3 I don't really have a favorite Animal Jam YouTuber because I watch everyone's videos, so...
4. Gloves. Purple gloves, to be exact.
5. I have strawberry blonde hair with natural highlights, and I usually wear it either straight or curled. Occasionally I'll braid it, and leave the braids in overnight, so that when I wake up the next morning, I can take out the braids and my hair will be all wavy. ^.^
6. I really like science, and history is okay, too.
7. I absolutely despise French. My teacher is such a flake. >_<
8. Blogging, reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, tennis, geocaching, etc.
9. It depends! I love both. :3

Feel free to answer these questions down in the comment section below! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say! :D



  1. IS zioseven an animal..................... +That guy Misterfrizzy+

  2. Yay, thanks so much for sharing it! ^.^ And I agree--gloves are epic. :P

  3. 1. I love the snow leopards, arctic wolves, wolves, deer, and foxes! :D
    2. BURGERZ! :P
    3. Wisteria MOOOOOOON and (obviously) Nafi!
    4. My rare purple headdress. PURPLE FOR LIFE!
    5. I have blonde hair, and I just usually brush it.
    6. My favorite classes are chorus and computers in art, but my favorite subject is history.
    7. My least favorite class is math! DX
    8. Drawing, singing, writing, biking, hiking, basketball, tennis, and video games! :D
    9. SWEET!
    P.S I didn't know you like geocaching Nafi!

    1. My friend and I do it all the time!

    2. Cool! I've never gone, but I want to.-cheer

  4. 1. Snow leopards, otters, arctic wolves, tigers and crocodiles (I have a cactus croc as a tribute to Mel)
    2. Idk, probably the member sunglasses thing. They see me rollin.
    3. This is hard. Probobly PinkEmpress, Wolffeycat or WisteriaMOOOOON because their videos always gave extra POZAZZZ (LOL I CANT SPELL DX)and of course I also like your videos, Naffy :) (you deserve WAY more subscribers!)
    4. Party hats and nature archways ^•^
    1. Blonde and I'm not a fan of hairstyles. In year 6 I always wore a ponytail though so I guess that's my answer
    2. Art, DT and computing (except my computing teacher looks like Donald Trump and is more clueless then most of us children XD)
    3. P.E. It is cruel child labour. I'm not a lazy butt or anything, but I hate P.E DX. Apart from when it's hurdles, tennis or cricket XD
    4.ahem long list ahead
    Traditional art, digits art, pillow collecting, webkinz collecting, making videos that will ONE DAY be on the internet, gaming, baking cakes (cant bake anything else lol), cycling, being a lunatic and breathing.

    5. Cotton candy. Chocolate. I think that's said it all!


  5. 1. Artic wolf.
    2. Hambuger
    3. Naffy+ Aparri + Wisteria MOOOOON
    4. Nerd Glasses
    5. dirty blonde hair, and I like it straight down or somewhat curly (I can never curl it! Its so long!)
    6. Science.
    7. ELA. The only subject I have a B in >-<
    8.Drawing, faceswaps, friendship bracelets and band (clarinet, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar)


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