Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 171: Spring Cottage

Hello Jammers! ^.^ Today's an update day, so let's hop right into the Jamaa Journal and take a look!

Sweet, a new den! It looks really cute and cozy. :3

The popular Minecraft-like adventure, Graham's Workshop, is back! c:

This has to be my most favorite part about the entire update - we can now have up to 200 buddies!!! Yahoo!!! :DDDD

Also, there's a new rock star outfit... o.o That raccoon looks pretty punk, I must say. I have not yet discovered the location of these rocking items, so I think they are to arrive in the future.

The Cruise Ship party is back! Cool! :)

Hyenas are returning, as well as the Summer Carnival.

That pretty much sums up this update. Oh, check out this cool and kind of weird username I spotted:

This account was most likely created back when you could use accented characters in your usernames a few months ago. :p



  1. That literally means, "Pooooooooooooo."

    Bae and Bæ are different words, people.

    1. Poo in danish to correct u. When people say bae it means b4 anyone elseXD

  2. I like this update a lot but the dean seems kinda big

  3. The new den is amazing! It's my new favorite den XD


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