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Story Contest: Where is Mira? (CLOSED)

You've heard the famous, ancient tale of Jamaa. Mira and Zios were close companions, but when Zios fell, Mira's grief created the phantoms. After this heartbreaking event occurred, Mira ran off, and to this day, no one, no one knows where she is.

That is why I am creating this story contest in honor of 550K views. You are to type a short story about where Mira went and why. Maybe she was carried away by a band of evil chipmunks, or maybe she cried so much that she fell into a deep sleep and sleepwalked over the edge of a cliff.


- Do not plagiarize or copy someone else's story. Your story must be your own and your own only.

- Only one entry per person, please.

- Be creative.

- Use good grammar. i dunt want 2 reed a storiey dat ish tiped leik dis kk?

- Your story must remain appropriate. No swearing or crude language, gore, etc.

- You can either comment your entry down below or email it to me at Don't forget to leave your Animal Jam username and status with your entry as well.





I bid you good luck! ^.^ This contest will end on April 30th!


  1. ~Misterfrizzy~ It was the summer of 2010. ALL animals lived in peace and harmony, until one day, phantoms took all the birthstones, and along with that, zioz's spirit. Mira disappeared in search for this spirit, but the phantoms hid it quite well, So to this day, it is up to the alphas to find the birthstones, and restore most of what was once jamaa. ~Misterfrizzy~

  2. I. AM. ENTERING. I really love to write, so this will spark my imagination! I have really descriptive writing, and I may just put photos or even figurative language! It it okay if I put a short story mark, because sometimes I go over the 'short story' limit because I love to write so much!

  3. Can we change the beginning a little bit? I have an awesome drawing that would go great with my story, but it's not in cannon with the original story.-cheer

  4. Mira Ran off, she wanted to find Zios for he was sucked into the portal.
    The portal closed leaving Mira and Zios together, Mira loved Zios. Soon the phantoms killed Zios and Mira got the plague. She was going to pass as well. Soon she became the Phantom Queen as if the sickness was caused by her own self.

    Let that be a lesson to you, don't become a phantom, phantoms are scammers and hackers. They got the sickness as well and suffered the consequences.

    -HarmonyPurr9 Of The Animal Jam Fire Pack

  5. Note:This was a very convenient contest for me as I am currently writing an animal jam fan fiction series, so this is basically the prologue, with some tweaks to fit the criteria for what the story is about

    "Zios. You have given me all your knowledge of the now, but none of ancient Jamaa. Please tell me"
    "well, I don't know. It is a dark topic. A prickly subject. Even in the sky kingdom where we rest when our duties are done, we still feel scared of the past."
    "But you are ZIOS! You defeated phantoms! You created Jamaa itself!"

    Zios stared at the wolf and sighed.
    "well, I better tell you.
    Long ago, I left for Earth. I was on a mission. Back then, we had no technology. No computers. No game machines. No anything. So I went to discover how humans used this technology. How it worked. Mira was away at the time in the wolf district, helping out with the fallen pine trees, so I left a note on the door. It must have flown away though, as Mira had no idea where I was. In panic and confusion, an oil canister (for use with the technology i was yo return with) was knocked into the volcano. The lava turned purple and..."
    "wait. How the badoodles do you know this if you were away?"
    "never mind that for now. Anyhow, the oil reacted with the volcano to form purple goop which turns animals to rouge phantoms on impact. From the oil and Mira's tears of missing me, phantoms were created. Mindless creatures of chaos, they plagued Jamaa. Mirab left to the Cheetah district to spread the news fast, when I returned. Curious of the purple goop dripping from the volcano, I sent 3 explorers. I didn't see them again, but they had a mission. Destroy Jamaasian culture and legend. And-" he paused "they succeeded. Slowly the phantoms manipulated the world to believing they couldn't survive without Mira and I. Jamaa collapsed. Until the heartstones, spirit stones, restored it."
    "so where IS Mira now?"
    "watching. Watching you all"
    And so Zios dissapeared. Back to the sky kingdom. Back to Mira.

    Hope you enjoyed! ^•^
    ~~Meganfurryfun37 (status=member)

    1. Wow. I have a feeling your gonna win o-o That is very good, but I'm not the judge of this, so good luck :3

    2. Status: If u dont win first... oh meh gawd that was beautiful..... ; (-Misterfrizzy-

    3. Thanks so much! It means a lot :)

    4. That was awesome! Good job! :)

    5. Darn I just realised I wrote "yo return with" instead of to return with DX

  6. After Zios fell and Mira ran off, Jamaa was ruined. Animals of all kinds stopped being friendly, and they all became rude scammers. Most people left Jamaa, for the beauty of the place was no longer. Some animals that stayed in Jamaa and weren't scammers and hackers were the Alphas. They have been searching desperately for Mira, so they could bring peace and harmony back to Jamaa. But it seemed hopeless, for she was no where to be found.

    Mira, as grief filled as she was for Zios, knew what had happened to Jamaa. But she could not bring herself to go back and save the place from its wretched state. She had been searching for ways to save Zios from his terrible fate, but she knew it was hopeless as well. Mira knew she couldn't face the angry Alphas and the nicer animals that escaped the now dark Jamaa, so she flew off. She flew to a place where no one would find her. A.. deserted place.
    Landing down in a desert, she looked around for water and a place to stay. When she found what she desired, she made a home there in that forgotten desert.
    After a while, she knew that some explorers would find the place. So she hid, deep within the desert where no regular animal could go. But as she left, she left glittering jewels in her path. Different colors, shapes, and sizes. She landed on some cacti without being hurt, and if you do the same something wonderful would happen. Soon enough, explorers did find the forgotten desert, and they sent eagles off to explore it. Mira is still there, hiding from her mistake. Her grief for Zios. She brought herself to bring color back to the town, and everything was bright again. But some animals stayed dark. They stayed scammers. All animals have tried to bring Mira back, but she will forever stay hidden, watching over Jamaa...

    That took forever! Sheesh.. I tried my best, I still feel like I did pretty bad. But oh well, I tried! It's the thought that counts, right? X3

    Maddiebook3, member (I just bought new membership)

    1. I love how it ties in with modern Jamaasian cultures! I feel you might win something ~mff37

  7. I just went on the Whip when I saw the new header, reloaded and saw the new background, and then reloaded again to see the new fonts! It looks wonderful!

  8. OMG I love the new blog template!-cheer

  9. Love the new header and template! Nice job, Naffy!


  11. ( This is written in Mira's point of view.)

    I want to return to Jamaa. I want to, but I can't. Why, you wonder? I'll start from the beginning.
    When Zios was...with me...I was happier than I'd ever been. Together, we created the wonderful land of Jamaa. But then...the phantoms came. Once Zios was gone, news spread to the Jamaasians, and they became distraught and filled with fear. From all this chaos and negative emotions, scammers and hackers emerged. As I watched over the years, more and more jammers became evil and greedy, and I couldn't do anything but watch, for I do not control the animals of my world. I only protect them, and try to set them on the right path. But...I had failed to do my duty. So I left.
    I went to the Phantom Fortress to talk to King Gorger. But he wanted nothing to do with me. He even trapped me in his dungeon, but I escaped a few days later. I had had no food or water for many days, but I flew on, dehydrated, starving, and tired beyond measure. Then finally, I reached a lush, beautiful forest. I was amazed. A new place where no stress, pain, or disorder existed! I eventually met other herons, and now we live together, in our peaceful home.
    Maybe one day I'll return to Jamaa. But I don't want to be judged for the evil animals' sins. I can only hope that someday, someday very soon, a new hero will rise, and restore Jamaa to the amazing place it was before...

    Hope you all like it!

    1. A little confusing, but I love the idea and you have a great choice of words! Wish you luck ♡ ~~mff37

    2. I love this one! x3

    3. @mff37
      What is confusing about it? I can explain it if you want!

    4. It's ok, I reread it and it made sense. Blame me for skim reading XD
      I got confused due to the fact it seemed Mira ditched jamaa and is now happy in paradise lol


  12. Mira's beak trembled as she watched all of Jamaa. Destruction and disastrous rained through. She was MIRA, the PROTECTOR yet, now she was the destroyer. Mira knew not of how she had did this, she only knew the Phantoms were the effect of her grief. Her wings started flapping, all the way back to the Crystal Palace.

    She stared at the great crystal immbended into the wall. Filled with power, it protected the castle, where she left many mystical stones. They had a power lumming by them. She grabed her collection of fairly mysterious stones and started binding them to staffs. Soon, she had many all piled up. Now, it was time to call Liza.

    Mira never really new why she had taken a liking to the young Panda. Maybe it was seeing sweet Liza alone as a child, or maybe it was just her excitement towards helping animals that had made Mira want her as a apprentice. Either way, Mira was happy to have her. For the first time in weeks, Mira felt joy. But, that joy was squashed. Mira knew this was not a time for joy.

  13. The typing messed up in my story , it was about how Mira was watching Jamaa, returned to her Crystal Palace , created staffs with stones, and decided to talk to Liza. I am not done and I could not put my user so this story will be 2 part - RMCkkd92 lol I just now figured out how to fix messed up typing. Btw RMCkkd92 is my user and thanks for making this story. I was giving up on AJ and I think I may quit soon but, this has put my quitting off. �� That awkward smile is so me, lol

  14. (Written in Mira's Perspective) (Not copying anyone's ideas) (Sorry if I got off track with this. I just love to write so much, it just flows and I type it. I'm Ducktapeis and I will be a Member soon. Thank you so much if you choose me to be a winner. Thank you if you have read my story. Hope you like it!)

    Zios cam crashing to the ground. His surface, no longer pretty. His surface crumbly and dirty, gouged into the grassy surface near the Lost Temple. I started to cry. Praying to the heavens up above, I wished that this was all a dream. I woke up surrounded by purple sludge inside a cave. I found an opening of the cave. I looked out, seeing Jamma. Not colorful. All purple. I could see purple objects moving. I started to fly out of the cave, but turned back. I was too scared to face the Purples. The next day, I woke up to Valentina (Eagle Alpha) speaking. I looked around, searching for the Alpha. I looked down and remembered a special necklace placed around my neck by Valentina. I touched the necklace. "Mira, you are needed. We have yet to find what these creatures are. Remember. You are the most powerful animal in Jamaa." the necklace sang out. Just then, I knew my service was needed. Badly. I flew to Jamaa flying through purple rain. I stopped to rest in Jamaa Township to let my wings rest. Purples spread around me, circling me like a shark. I feared for my life. I shook off all the rain off my wings and spread them apart. I started to move my wings, until I saw the biggest Purple of all. "I am the Phantom King! Stop attacking at once!" he boomed shaking the ground. I froze. The Purples are called Phantoms..... The other Alphas has been studying the Phantoms for days trying to figure out their names. I spread my wings to take flight, but I was stopped forever. The Phantom King had cast a spell on me. Struggling with all my might, I couldn't move. All the phantoms left out of sight. Still there today, hoping a Jammer will save me. Some day, I will come and save Zios and all the Phantoms will be gone forever. Until now, goodbye. Keep me company at Jamaa Township.

  15. is the link to my story! My username is Cheetah87516 and I'm a member.

  16. ~ANIMAL JAM IGN: lily4279
    Ok after Mira had run off, she decided that she would never come back to Jamma or any place where she had once been. Therefore, she had turned evil. After losing her bestie, she created a temple and and ruled over animal slaves. The harsh treatment she had given her slaves caused millions of deaths. A wizard created her a potion of ever-lasting life because that was her husband. Ever since she left Jamma, people have worshipped her. Nobody really knows she is evil. Lol. I know its weird but dont judge me.

  17. After Zios' fall, Mira flew to a far away cave in the mountains where no animal could find her. She cried and never stopped for anything, even for food and drink. Without realising it, her tears, made with fear and sadness, fell from her beak and onto the ground. Phantoms began to rise from these tears and they quietly left the cave, destroying all nature in their path.

    Finally after 3 years mourning for Zios, she emerged from the cave. In horror, she stared at the world around her. Every where she looked, trees were torn down, rivers were polluted, phantoms roamed around scaring all creatures, great and small. Suddenly a phantom spotted her and began to advance at her. Seeing an ancient temple, she quickly dive inside and block the entrance with a stone. Lighting a torch, she sees all the animals in Jamaa, huddling all together in the dark. As if the light-bulb in her head flicked on, she realised what she had done. She knew what she had to do, it was her duty.

    Calling the alphas together, they defeated the phantoms. But the work was not done yet. Trees were needed to be planted, rivers were needed to be cleaned up, and there were still more phantoms to capture. Mira then instructed the Alphas to gather all animals together and clean up the mess the phantoms had made.

    Soon, Jamaa was beautiful again, and at peace. When Mira saw that everything was right again, she bid everyone farewell and flew back to her sky palace. But before she did, she went to the cave she mourned in and sealed it up with ice, carving a seal at the entrance. This is now the mysterious cave that had always been sealed up in Mt Shiver. Mira was never seen again, but if you dance around the camp fire in Sarepia Forest, you might see Mira's spirit floating around, happy to see peace in Jamaa.

    The End

    Username: sugarcat2
    Status: Non Member

  18. My story idea doesn't include Mira actually running off. Is that okay, or do I have to change it to fit the prompt?

    1. You can do whatever you want, as long as it follows the rules and the plot is somewhere along the lines of Mira's disappearance. ^.^

  19. My story was too long so i'm dividing it into separate posts I'm Jammer3l0fj and nonmember btw.
    Mira circled over Jamaa. The once lovely city was ruined. The phantoms had struck with no warning and had captured the city of Jamaa. All they left was destruction and pollution. The rivers and seas flowed with pollution, the plants had all withered and died, and many animals were sick and dying. Animals were captured, never to be seen again and entire species were being driven out. All of this was her fault. She had created these phantoms! Life had been perfect, life had been so sweet. Zios and her had created Jamaa, a happy and safe place for animals of all kinds. However, life soon took a dark turn. Zios began pulling away he no longer spent as much time with her, he was always busy. Soon she found out why. He had fallen in love with a swan who lived in jamaa. She felt so betrayed, so angry! Her jealousy, her bitterness, her anger came together and created the first Phantoms. She had called them her children, and cared and protected them. She thought they were good that they were a blessing. She never guessed how wrong she was. When Zios discovered them he tried to destroy them, he knew they had the power to destroy jamaa. However, more and more phantoms began appearing, and he sacrificed himself to destroy them. Her anger had turned to grief when she realized what had happened. Her creations were evil, they had killed her husband. New phantoms were born from her tears and the darkness of jamaa. No one had known they were there till it was too late. Now Jamaa was falling apart around her.

  20. Part 2 of my Story
    The remaining animals rushed over to see her. "Mira your back" Greely, a blue wolf yipped. "We were worried" Sir gilbert, a tiger, added. Liza, a panda, nodded "We were worried something had happened to you" she said. Cosmo,a brown koala, nodded in agreement. She sighed "Don't worry about me, focus on the war. We must find someway to drive these awful phantoms away from Jamaa." she said. They nodded, "Yes Mira" they said. She frowned glancing around, a battle with the phantoms was a suicide mission. The phantoms outnumbered them and the animals were weak already. However, what other choice did they have? It was fight or die, there was no other way unless... She paused glancing at her friends an idea forming in her head. What if she granted these four faithful animals power? It could work... "Greely, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, Liza... you must listen to me. I have a plan to drive away these phantoms once and for all but it's dangerous. I will give you four powers which will allow you to drive these phantoms away and protect your fellow animals. Then Jamaa will be safe again" she said. They looked stunned. "Us?" Cosmo asked "You choose us out of all animals?" She nodded "Yes Cosmo i choose you four. You are the animals i trust the most, i know you will return Jamaa to what it was before the war!" she said. "I accept your offer Mira. I will fight to the end" Greely said. "I will also fight! These phantoms will wish they never were born after i'm through with them" Sir Gilbert said. Liza nodded "You can count me in!" she said. "If.. if you really want me to i will fight" Cosmo said, his voice nervous. She smiled, and they began to glow. She filled them with power, giving them some of her own abilities. The glow faded and they were ready to face the phantoms. "You are no longer ordinary animals. From now on you are the Alphas, the protectors of Jamaa!" she shouted.They dipped their head to her then began moving toward Jamaa Township to face the phantoms. After hours of fighting they returned, victorious. "What now?" Cosmo asked Mira "Should we start replanting the plants and get rid of this pollution?" Mira sighed "Cosmo, Sir Gilbert, Liza and Greely. It is time you make these decisions for yourself. I can't help you anymore, you must help yourselfs. You are the Alphas, i am just an old weak bird. I am leaving Jamaa, i can not stay here any longer. You are the protectors of jamaa now" she spoke sadly but firmly. "Mira you can't! Mira you must stay! Don't leave us! Mira! MIRA!" the animals cried out. She ignored them and flew into the sky. She dove down into the flames of the fire and vanished into thin air. After that the only animals who ever saw or spoke to her were the new alphas she had chosen. However, her spirit can still be seen in the fire where the animals saw her go.

    1. Beautiful story! I loved the part where Mira made the decision to leave... it touched my heart. <3

    2. Your story is fabulous! It deserves to win, if not at least get some placement because that was AMAZING ♡~~Mff37

  21. @Naffy
    By the way, I feel like the 3rd place prize is more appealing than the 2nd place prize right now (Generally, people like worns better than assorted small rares, I think).

    Just throwing that out there for your consideration ^-^

    1. Thanks for your advice! I will take that into consideration for future contests. :)

    2. I was thinking that too! Maybe for the next contest, instead of rare item Mondays there could be a small den beta or clothing beta for 2nd place. Also, are you planning on doing a spring fashion show (its nearly summer, but there's still may!) ~Mff37

  22. Ok! I sent you my story via email!-cheer


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