Thursday, April 28, 2016

Crystal Palace Unreleased Items

Once again, AJHQ has released another special Epic Den for every Jammer to tour. In this den, there are some pretty cool unreleased items to be found, including:

This ginormous eagle plushie!

A friendship table, perhaps?

A winged chest. o.o

An adorable goat plushie sitting on a friendship couch! Aww! <3

Are there any other unreleased items that you can find? Do you hope for these items to be released sometime in the near future? I certainly hope so!

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Oh my glob, they better release that goat >:o And that eagle plushie >:) -Misterfrizzy-

  2. Oh btw, I think those r spring tables and couches - Me again xd-

  3. There's also a weird shoe rack thingy. By the way, you can buy the winged chest at the castle/medivel party-cheer

  4. The winged chest actually is a released item. It's called a medieval treasure chest and can be found in the medieval party shop.

  5. I will buy so many of those eagle plushies because oh my gosh it's adorable.


  6. The winged chest Is already available •-• <admire the baymax face


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