Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why I Don't Like School

"School" is probably my LEAST favorite word in the English language.

And after having a break from it for two whole weeks because of the holidays, I am most definitely unprepared to go back.

My parents say I should love school because education is a privilege. I really do want a good education and all of that, but to be honest, school is a lot more difficult than it was in the past.

So today I bring to you a list of reasons why I don't like school.

1. Getting up early in the morning

I mean, who doesn't hate getting up early in the morning? Especially for something as awful as school? Ugh. I can be an early bird, but school is just not one of those things that I look forward to.

2. Homework

Homework just brings the dreadfulness of school back to your own house. It's like teachers don't understand that we have lives OUTSIDE of school. I play tennis three times a week, and practice lasts pretty much the whole evening, so I have barely any time to get homework finished.

3. Bullies

My school actually does a decent job at detecting bullying. There are about a hundred cameras in the hallways, too, so if you're a bully, you'll most likely get caught. But I know for a fact that there are so many bullying problems around the world, and it just needs to stop.

4. Cliques

I don't want to get into much detail here, but let's simply put it this way: cliques are one big reason some people don't have friends, and I don't like that.

5. Grades

You might enjoy receiving your report card in the mail if you get good grades. I get good grades, but it's a lot of work and sacrifice. It puts a lot of stress on my shoulders throughout the semester. And if I happen to miss a day of school, just ONE day, my grades drop drastically, which gives me even MORE stress. I'm sure it's the same situation with you, too, right?

6. Exams

'Nuff said.

And there you have it. 6 main reasons why I don't like school.


  1. I agree with most of this! I used to have no friends, but now I have some :)

  2. yeah I feel that way about school for sure. especially getting up. I get good grades but that puts a lot of pressure on me. also my school tries to deal with bullies but nothing really seems to take much action

  3. Hey Naffy. My membership expired and I wasn't planning on getting another. I wanted to try your trick about having a nonmember member animal thing. But AJHQ won't let me do it!!!!!! I log out and when I log back in they tell me the same message again! It won't let me get past the page with that. So now I'm stuck with that page or just not play. I haven't been playing much tho at all (I opened like 3 Jamaaliday boxes things) So yeah. Do you think that they probably just fixed the glitch? Or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Huh. That's really strange... I wonder if AJHQ patched up the glitch?

    2. i think the glitch works differently now then from the time she posted that. For me it worked but i tried it in a different way.
      Step 1: fill all animal slots with member only animals except one which should be a turtle
      Step 2: when it makes you recycle an animal, recycle the turtle and refresh
      Step 3: and you should be a non member member animal

  4. i'm onlined school so i dont have to experience reasons 1 through 4 anymore

  5. Ya I hate studying for tests because it takes you all night and you have to GE everything stuck in your head even for subjects you suck at for example it's hard for me to study for a science test because I'm not good at jt

  6. So truee and surprise tests are awful too. It would've been awesome if everyone had like a magical brain that could remember anything so we would not have to struggle in tests. I want to go back in time and destroy the first school ever created. Yaaa, I'm evil... XD

  7. I really only like school because I get to see my friends and I also really like art XD but I cant stand tests and homework

  8. I love school. I get all A+'s, yet I'm going to ask to see if I can go to summer school too. Why? I love school and I love my teachers =^-^= I'm sorry you don't like school, Naffy-Taffy. I wish you did. c:

  9. I totally agree! They need to just change the way school works! Everybody gets upset if you don't get an A, but a C is actually average. So that means if you get a C it's not that bad, but of course we as humans think terrible because we all want the best. I really feel like they should make school more relaxing. Cheer

  10. 1. Waking Up At 5:20 AM.
    2. Biased Teachers.
    3. Hallways Filled With Useless CCTV Cameras.
    4. Rules That Doesn't Make Sense.
    5. Homework And Tests
    6. "Friends"


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