Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Purchase a Shark Cage (2016 - NO LONGER VALID)


Yes, my friends, there indeed IS a way to purchase shark cages, although technically they are no longer in stores. Continuing reading for further instruction on how to do so! ^-^

Step 1: Stand at the top of the staircase in Epic Wonders.

Step 2: Click on the exit to Coral Canyons. While you are running, immediately open the player editor and click the "pets" button.

Step 3: You should have the pet editor open on your screen. Now click the "pet shop" button.

Step 4: Exit out of the pet shop, then go to the world map.

Step 5: Teleport to an ocean land. The pet editor should still be open on your screen.

Step 6: Open up the pet shop again. The shark cage should be available for 700 gems.

This is a very interesting yet disappointing glitch. I heard WootMoo traded glitched rings and beta arctic hoods for shark cages, but now, because of this glitch, they are no longer worth that much.

What are your opinions on this glitch? Did it work for you? Do you think AJHQ will patch up this glitch later on? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! :)

Bye Jammers!


  1. Sometimes I wish those type of glitches didn't work because I like trading for those kind of things, but it is a cool glitch

  2. Well, now people everywhere know the truth and will not be fooled by this glitch these scammers have been doing!!! YAY! Thank you Nafaria!

  3. I tried it and it worked. I hope that AJHQ patches it soon so it can be a rare item again. If that happens, like the magenta lights, then I myself will buy a bunch. (Well, I already have 15 of 'em :P)


  4. OMG it still works XD ~BigPitFan01

  5. This is so cool wow

    I think they will become rare again if AJ fixes it (so get them while you can!!!)

  6. Its really cool however being nonmember i cant get one yet.

  7. I bought like 20 of them and JUST found out there not beta anymore, someone accused me of scamming.....

    1. The glitch is patched so just report them back.

  8. I think AJHQ patched it now, because when I try it just stops me halfway down the stairway.

  9. Yea it was patched... i gifted all my shark cages :( i wasnt expecting this..

  10. Anyone wanna trade for one, the glitch was patched! I am sparklestar6 if you wanna trade for one just jam-a-gram me!

  11. i have one jam a gram me if u want to trade! i am thesarahtops101 i might trade it VERY soon so get it while you can!


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