Sunday, January 24, 2016



Must. Watch. 5,000,000. More. Times!


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  2. Nafaria how do you have your own website? Aj is a game for littler kids. Did a family member set it up for you or somethin?

    1. My mom helped me set it up when I was 10 years old, but ever since then I've been on my own. I'm almost 14 anyway.

  3. Hi Nafaria! ^.^
    LulasSeal from the Animal Jam Vortex Speaking.
    Would you like to enter my Friendship Giveaway?
    I am giving away two sets of friendship items (Rare Friendship Moustache, Rare Friendship Wings, A Rare Friendship Coat and a nonrare purple igloo!)
    here is the link to the post on my blog...
    The Animal Jam Whip is epic!
    My Giveaway ends Febuary 1st, only a few days left.. and I still need more people to enter so that I can give two sets of the Friendship items away!


    1. Thanks for answering @zebradancegal 101's question! You stole the words from my mind!

  4. How do you put the tabs at the top?? i have been trying to figure it out but am failing?

    1. I'm so glad you asked! Tabs are also known as pages, so if you go to the pages section of your blogger dashboard, you can create new pages and add them to your blog. You'll have to click on the pages gadget on your blog layout page in order for them to show up.

  5. :starstruck Patrick: That was hilarious!! I almost died laughing DIED! What Youtuber made this hilarious Austrailian Video? Also, now I know where Peppa Pig comes from 0.0

  6. I know this is a silly question but whats a rare giant lion plushie worth because my sister still has a rare one and she wants to know what its worth and i'm not quite sure what its worth, and the video was hilarious XD


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