Friday, January 29, 2016

Teals is Quitting!? (RANT -- READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Hello there!

I try not to post rants on this blog, but this just has to be said.

Some of you might know that a fairly well-known YouTuber who goes by Teals is quitting.

Here is the link to her video explaining why she is leaving the Animal Jam community:

This is causing all sorts of drama. :/

I understand that Teals wants to quit, and that's totally fine with me. I hold nothing against her. I know that we all have to quit at some point for different reasons.

One of my biggest complaints about it, though, has nothing to do with Teals; it's how Aparri reacted to it.

Don't get me wrong. Aparri is a relatively likable YouTuber who produces videos that most people find entertaining.

But I was outraged when I read the comment he left for Teals:

It seems to me that Aparri most likely did not watch the full video. Teals did mention that one of the main reasons she was leaving was because of drama and how unstable the AJ community is. On the other hand, she mentioned several more reasons, such as how she felt like producing videos was more of a chore than a hobby, and how she's become bored of the game itself.

Aparri, I don't hate you, but you really need to learn your facts. -.-

Another thing that annoys me is how people are begging for Teals to stay, when she made it clear she wasn't staying.


She probably doesn't CARE if your hearts are broken! I know that seems a little bit cruel, but you've just gotta realize that people move on and we should respect that!

Anyway, there you have it. That's my rant for the day.

I hope you take my words into consideration.


  1. She's quitting? Well i understand, i mean no one is going to play this game forever. Appari's comment it kinda rude though.

  2. I agree with you, nafaria! And WOW Appari. I wish people would let others make their own decisions instead of begging. I wish I could have begged Cloudclaws to stay, but she made her choice...I still miss her :(


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