Sunday, January 17, 2016

General Animal Jam Terms

*Note: some of these terms you will find outside of Animal Jam, too.*

hd = headdress
lp = light pink
nr = non-rare
nm = non-member
np = no problem
cuffs = elf bracelets
ty = thank you
nty = no thank you
brb = be right back
afk = away from keyboard
lol/lawl/lel/lolz/lelz/lawlz = laugh out loud
bai = bye
hai = hi
okie/okai = okay
bat = but
meh = me
plz = please
srry = sorry
scale/scallop/scem/scan = scam
scaler/scemmer/scanner = scammer
vid = video
hawk/hck = hack
hawker/hckr = hacker
wut/wat/wot = what
auto = autograph
ik = I know
ikr = I know right
idc = I don't care
idec = I don't even care
idek = I don't even know
jag = Jam-A-Gram
beta (the item version) = an item sold during beta times
long = long spiked collar
short = short spiked collar
long wrist = long spiked wrist
short wrist = short spiked wrist
tiki = tiki mask
rim = Rare Item Monday
tail = elf tail armor
party hat = New Year's Party Hat
flash/flush/fish/fast/flsh/fax = flash trade (which is pretty much gambling)
trust/true/trst = trust trade (almost the same thing as flash trading)

Let me know in the comments below what other phrases or terms you know of!


  1. Woops btw- by the way
    I also never realized some of those short terms or heard them before

    1. I have no idea why people shortened "sorry". I mean, they're only taking the o out! One letter!

    2. Some peeps also say soz which means the same thing

  2. I now know what AFK means :)

    1. Yay! At least someone finds my posts productive. xD

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  4. Hey, Nafaria? You seem to keep unbuddying me and I dunno why! I wish you could answer as of why you keep unbuddying me! :( ~Mighty1101

    1. I'm sorry! Sometimes my buddies randomly disappear off my list, and it's super annoying!

  5. I didn't know all this words meant o.o

  6. Hi Nafaria! You commented on my best friend irl (in real life)'s blog, The Animal Jam Gal! Thanks so much! We love the AJ whip! (also visit my blog at Your the best blogger ever!
    (Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae, now watch me whip, whip, watch me nae nae)

    1. You're so welcome! ^.^ I am more than happy to visit your blog as well. :3

    2. Okay, cuffs aren't elf bracelets. They were unreleased items, and AJHQ guides (in beta days) and the monkeys in the members only adventure The Great Escape wear (and wore) it. Thanks for the Great Blog. Youtuber and Animal Jammer, Youtube: Animal Jammers Loves Animals, Animal Jam: MissyBubbs. Bye ;)

  7. spike = spiked collar
    wrist = spiked bracelet
    rates = rare items
    worms = worn blanket
    tysm = thank you so much
    FYI = for your information

    That's all I can think of.


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