Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Scoop on the Hacker *gulp*


  1. Nafaira i cant read what we are saying.........


  2. Omg! That Hacker goin down-.- Hackers are like, the Darth Vaders of AJ. I hope he gets caught I'm so sorry D; !

  3. umm nafi? This has nothing to do with the hacker but....
    Last night I was dreaming about you, the REAL you, stuck inside a trap wall in my school. I was the only one who could save you. I finally opened the wall somehow and saved you. I said, WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE! Then we ran as fast as possible. Every second right now, the dream starts to disappear so I had to type really fast cause i'm having trouble remembering it. :P bye nafi!

  4. Uhh... Nothing showed on my iPod. I'm gonna check on the computer afterwards...

    Le Sweg Queen ~

  5. omg airlec13 must have changed her username because airlec13 dont exisit anymore!!!

  6. Wow... Scary.. I feel so bad for Airlec02...

  7. hackers! rude. this is a childrens game! i hope that hacker leaves. hackers are like a t-rex. big and scary. ready to stomp on you and chomp on you. though once you bring them donw they can't back up.-cyacheer

  8. Guys-
    I am SO sorrty this happened. Yeah, I changed my username so the hacker won't find me again. You're right, nafaria. The hacker knows who you are. O.O And I DID NOT DO THAT!! That was the hacker. I was actually on while that was going on. I was on as a 2nd account, silversand. I saw that the hacker was playing with my account- I tried to go to the party but AJ wouldn't load. I saw the hacker then go to my buddies dens: she had a chit chat with one. And a talk with you guys. And uhh... Please don't report me..! That was the hacker not me. ^.^

  9. That's scary! I've been hacked before!! By a jammer (forgot their user) They meet me in crystal sands and said "Come to my den." I went and sudden;y they said "Trade me something." and then I traded them a wolf plushie. Then my account spazzed and I kept trying to get back on but it had totally flipped out. I logged on my side account and saw my account being used to scam! :(

  10. I can't see it on my nook...

  11. Wow, scarier than when I lost my art plaque.
    Glad you got a new account, airlec02!
    Hackers= CREEPY

  12. Ummmm I could not see anything or understand it. Someone got scammed called atreeatree2?!

  13. Umm someone as u buddied me. I got a jag that said, Hi. I jagged back, I love the whip! And then it said, what’s that? I think u were hacked, nafaria.


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