Saturday, November 2, 2013

Faerie Wings, Bighorn Sheep, and Halloween. :3

Hello Jammers! I've come down with a cold....I think. My head hurts. >.< Hopefully I will survive the science classes I'm taking today!

Anyway, today's returning item is the pair of Faerie Wings!

The odd thing is that they used to be sold in the Shiveer Shoppe. Now they return as a late part of the Night of the Phantoms set? Weird.

Also, here's yesterday's missed item:

The Topaz Birthstone! Yay! I love this item because for some reason it looks like a cup of honey or orange juice. :P

A few days ago I found a cool glitch on my crocodile!

The colors on the reindeer antlers changed to a vivid look.

Do you guys remember Flynn? Here he is in his Bighorn Sheep costume. :3

Sometimes I just want to jump and ride that doggy. He's SO FLUFFY!

Here are some more pictures from Halloween:

(This is my little sister's pumpkin that my mom carved. If you can see, the pumpkin is Rapunzel from Tangled.)

(Here's the bat that swoops down on the Trick-or-Treaters.)
Yeah. Stuff....

Anyway. Happy Jamming!

(The contest and party invitation will be posted on Monday or Tuesday.)


  1. One of my friends went to Halloween horror nights in universal studios. He told me that it was very freaky. I might go there once to see. Some street gangs threw toilet papers over people's roofs. I go trick or treating most halloweens so I see bad stuff that people do. I'm on my iPad so I don't want to log in -skydrain7

  2. i got lots of candy!!! my favorite candy is milkyway! i went to this house that had a maze to get candy. also i saw a candy thief! those rotten spoiled kids!!!! he stole the candy right before i was going to take some out of the bowl. there were also 2 teenagers behind me and they shouted at the kid a lot. well also awesome pictures! i love Flynn's costume cool glitch too. -cya

  3. Flynn's adorable :3 I wished my lazy cat Lundi (Monday in french XD) would be as happy as he is in a costume... Last time we tried to put him a Dracula cape on, he ripped it apart... It took me quite a long time to take his mesurements and do all the patchworking... D:


    Thanks for buddying me! :D

  4. I got a bunch of candy! It was so much fun! My favorite candy is Twix. I only got one though. So I traded with my friend and got more! Also there was this really scary house! All in all it was an epic Halloween! - xXRobinHoodXx

  5. Oh wow, that Flynn is one lucky dog, I mean sheep. He is super fluffy and fun. Woof!


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