Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Official Animal Jam Blogger Tag

Hi Jammers! My good friend Violet made a tag the other day called "The Official Animal Jam Blogger Tag", and since I'm an Animal Jam Blogger, I've decided I want to do it for today's post.

Here we go!

1. nafaria9.
2. I started blogging on June 26th, 2012.
3. I've written for many blogs in the past, but as of right now, I mainly write for this blog (the Animal Jam Whip).
4. Currently, I just have an Animal Jam blog.
5. I've been blogging for about six years now. Crazy, isn't it?
6. I was inspired by other Animal Jam bloggers to start my own blog. I also like to write, so blogging was the perfect hobby for me.
7. As disappointing as it is, I don't really HAVE any specific stories behind why I started my blog and why I named it what I did. I guess I named my blog ''the Whip'' because I like... creamy... foods?
8. I started playing Animal Jam sometime in late August 2011, so... seven years? Dang...
9. My favorite thing about blogging is just the overall experience, as well as you guys, of course! My least favorite thing about blogging is the pressure to post as often as possible, although I've managed to sort of control that over the past few months with the new posting schedule.
10. I think the day I hit 100,000 views was pretty memorable.
11. Eh... I usually just start my posts with a simple ''Hey Jammers'', and end with something like "Bye Jammers''. Pretty basic stuff, if you ask me.
12. I love all AJ blogs and bloggers!
13. All of you. <3
14. I love posting about the things people say in Jamaa - those are always hilarious. I also find unreleased items interesting.
15. Anything that makes me laugh!

This tag was lots of fun to do. If you have an Animal Jam blog, feel free to do this tag as well!

Bye everyone!


  1. hey imma do some of the questions here since I technically was a blogger in 2016 since I wrote on the AJ story books/AJ Fanfiction

    My old stories make me cringe do I'm so happy they're forever preserved on te internet :)

    1. (AJ)Kraft
    2. Idk I think June 2016
    3. As mentioned I used to write on the Animal Jam Fanfiction
    4. Idk it wasn't either
    5. N/A I think I wrote in AJFF for a year or so before Canine disappeared off the face of the earth (jk)
    6. I was bored and wanted to share the "glorious masterpiece" AKA HORRIBLE MESS that was "AJ Adventures"
    Also Jamaasian high was a rather fun time
    7.I asked K9 or someone on the AJSB if I could post some of my story (AJ Adventures) in the comments and have them post it. It was a success, with several people commenting. The blog creators made me some tabs for AJ Adventures, Jamaasian High etc. I posted my story chapters as comments.
    All was well until the blog was deleted by someone (we never found out who) so K9 made a new blog-

    One of the problems is that since the header is "EST 2016", it's hard to find if you don't know the blog's name (idk if this was ever fixed)
    I got the occasional comment but lost motivation since I no longer had a following.
    An earlier story-
    In 2013-2014(dont remember when exactly) (I was 9-10) I discovered AJ blogs like the Whip, Sky, Spirit etc. I was like "I WANT A BLOG" But my parents wouldn't let me so I made a pages document and wrote posts as if I actually published them. It was basically a roleplay with myself and it makes me cringe just thinking about it.
    It was called the Animal Jam Crafter bu the way. I sure was creative (AJKraft was spelt AJcraft back then)
    8. Late 2012... IM OLD
    9. Meeting cool beans and being able to express myself by being stupid and cringy :D
    10. Actually commenting on blogs and meeting everyone
    (I REALLY looked up to you and Scooter AJ in 2014 so meeting you was like meeting Walt Disney lol)
    11. Idk I normally say "Flies away in Zeppelin" at the end of my comments and sometimes include a random quote a friend or family member said that made me laugh
    12. lol favouritism
    13. Nothing. I quit lol
    14. Stupid comments
    15. Confessions.
    I like to confess stuff too
    When I was 4 I ate grass.




  2. Yay! Thanks for doing the Tag Naffy!


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