Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Fashion Show 2018 Voting Day #1: ONE ELIMINATION

Hi! It's finally time for the Spring Fashion Show! Yippee!

In this first round, comment one contestant whom you think should be eliminated. Good luck to all of the participants!


  1. yay! im in it! i will vote out artistic shypeach the red panda. sorry if thats u!

  2. Aw no I forgot to enter, I should really pay to attention to deadlines on here shouldn’t I? Oh well guess there’s always next time. Oh and I vote out the read panda in the top right corner in the black suit.

  3. Ummm Nafy y am i not in there? i sent u a email about me entering....
    But i think the red panda should be out. Artistic shy peach.

  4. Artistic Shypeach.
    Sorry :(


  5. Oh god I looked at newer post I'm ELIMINATED!!! My arctic wolf was sooo spring-y! I vote out the red panda in black suit


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