Monday, April 9, 2018

Has WildWorks Cut Ties with National Geographic?

Ever since Animal Jam was first launched, the game held a partnership with National Geographic. Although, it has come to my attention that this partnership may no longer exist, thanks to a post by the wonderful DoomyPanda on her blog, the Animal Jam Stream.

In Doomy's post, she explains why she believes WildWorks may have cut ties with National Geographic after receiving a thought-provoking Jam-A-Gram from another Jammer, and goes on to list several pieces of evidence to back up her claims.

For example, the HD Television, as well as the majority of the other televisions that currently prevail in the game, display a small variety of ''channels'' when clicked on. The first channel to pop up is an image of the National Geographic Kids logo.

However, this is no longer the case. The National Geographic Kids logo has been replaced by the WildWorks logo.

Suspicious, don't you think?

Also, where once was a collection of animal facts and what not sponsored by none other than National Geographic in Gabby's Animal Hospital now lies an un-interactive array of animal posters, as well as... three mannequins!?

What the heck? The mannequins are promoting items that are sold at the shop just meters away... wait a minute... is this... ANOTHER CLICKY THINGY?


Laziness at its finest, folks. Just think of all the other things that could have taken that empty spot, but NOPE! IT HAD TO BE MANNEQUINS!

Anyways, you get the main idea, right?

Additionally, unlike previous years, where the copyright statement at the bottom of the AJ screen included National Geographic now just says the following:


Despite all of this evidence, the ''Cool Banner'' item with the National Geographic logo on it can still be purchased in stores, and the Animal Jam page on the National Geographic Kids website is still accessible, though not from the homepage.

What do you guys think? Did WildWorks and National Geographic suffer a breakup? I wonder who dumped who... IF they even dumped each other...

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Bye y'all!


  1. Uh oh, I liked Nat Geo though. If there's no AJ-related stuff in the new Nat Geo kids magazines....

  2. Did they break up or did Nat Geo say "we dont wanna have aj anymore wildworks you can have it happy birthday its a present ok bye' and they run off

    That was random

    1. They broke up, i mean,
      Wildworks is having money problems and bad reviews, so probably NatGeo doesn't want to fund Animal Jam anymore.

  3. Plus the sarepia theather, They removed educational stuff.

  4. nonono you see the truth is
    National Geographic doesn't want to be tainted with animal jam's name

    I mean have you SEEN those commonsensemedia reviews?

    Parents blamed National Geographic opposed to the actual company.

    I mean, how many people actually look at facts and educational content on animal jam as opposed to going to aldan to trade spikes for hours.


  5. (lmao it's tiggy i just don't feel like signing in to my account whoops)

    I find it kinda odd that they broke ties with National Geographic, if they even did. I feel it was educational for children who play the game and a fun way to promote learning about wildlife, however I never really payed attention to the educational aspect of animal jam so I probably wouldn't notice if they did break ties lol


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