Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dear ''Logged Out Message"

Image result for animal jam you were gone for too long and got logged out

Dear "Logged Out Message,"

Thither is nay right way to beginneth a message such as this, but I can nay longer encave these feelings. For years, I hast tucked aroint these traumatic thoughts in the back of mine mind, hoping yond the emotional, turbulent storm would passeth. And yet, the internal quarrel I hast been facing hath been an extensive one. I wast unsure of which ideas to act upon. To possess such qualities as bravery and courage is sore for the natural sir. But, in all honesty, thou wot very well what I am about to declare.

"Logged Out Message, " thither is nay denying yond we art both very different people. Thou see the dress as black and blue, while I see 't as gold and white. Thou see the glass half exsufflicate - I see the glass half full. I wish to continueth mine adventurous journeys of playing Animal Jam, but thou disagree. Countless times hast thou did seek to prevent me from playing the game; for example, I wast just about to unlock a treasure given to me by the wise Cosmo at the end of an Adventure, and thou maketh shift to pop up out of thin air as if 't be true thou wast a pixie. At the time, I refrained from expressing how thou did cause me to feeleth in spite of fear yond thou would taketh mine words personally. I nev'r did want to did hurt thou. In fact, 't is clear yond thither is not one sir on this earth yond dost not hast the cabability of mentally wounding another, intentional or not. Yet somehow, thou at each moment did do to me what I desire I nev'r did do to thou.

In summarization, things art not working out between the two of us. Our relationship wast nev'r at a peak. Marry, our relationship wast declining from the moment 't did do beginneth. I cannot declare yond I ever did do believe in us, nor can I declare yond I ever did do bethink 't would receiveth better. Life hath truthfully been an emotional rollercoaster these past few years, and the sharp, steep hills art increasing with incline as long as we art still together. I would envy to see both of us falleth to our dooms.         

Truly, I doth not believeth for one second yond thou art a lacking valor person. May I suggest taking thy ''popping-up'' hobby down a notch to avoid further damage to not only myself but others as well. I would eke asketh of thou to allow avid Animal Jam players such as I to enjoy their experience without unnecessary interruption. We simply cannot tolerate thy miching mallecho anymore. 

I desire thou taketh this letter into account and ponder the things which I hast did do sayeth. If 't be true thou doth so, I gage yond thy level of maturity wilt only groweth.         

Good day,

Shakespearean Naffy


  1. I read one word
    And gave up

    1. Haha, I don't blame you! The letter is basically saying how the relationship between the Logged Out Message and I is a very rocky one in Shakespearean language, if you will.


    1. Your still alive??

    2. it would appear so

  3. I feel like I lost my reading skills

  4. *Reads a paragraph*
    *Tries to use my knowledge of Shakespeare and all that weird language*
    *Tries to understand*
    A translated copy, please? XD

    - whiteseal187 AJ

  5. So true. I FINALLy go=t into the volcano at Greely's Inferno. then I got the message ''you were gone for too long and got logged out!''


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