Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Random Contest! (CLOSED)

Hey guys! I'm in need of some help and would like to host a mini contest in doing so. In the comments, explain the power of positive thinking. It doesn't have to be very long. Whoever gives the best spiel will win a secret prize - and believe me, it will be a good prize! Thanks!



  1. Positive thinking-A way to be optimistic while deep in thought.-talonflame80841 (now a non member)

  2. Well, I’m my opinion positive thinking is influential in many different ways. Not only does it flow seamlessly into minds, not only because it is “right”, as a lot of people say, but the true meaning of positive thinking is the power of hope. Positive thinking is a key in society especially when times are hard, reminding us that no matter how bad things are/were/might be, there will always be something better. It can pull people back from the abyss of giving up hope and despair. When fear or panic kicks in, positive thinking is your motivation that you will survive it all.
    Okay, so I do occasionally read this blog, but I was really surprised there was still an AJ blog living out here in an age of YouTube. This is really good, I hope you keep this up!
    PS: What I meant in all that awkward talk is that this is my first time commenting

    1. There’s actually a ton of AJ blogs running! I’d suggest looking at them!

    2. Hi there! So glad you're here at the AJW!!

  3. I want to enter, but I have no idea what you are saying :X

    A bit more explaining please :)

    1. Just comment what you think it means to think positive. :)

  4. Hi, Naffy! This is Transions, I’m just on my phone! Well, here it is:

    Positive thinking helps us live happier, more fulfilled lives. It gives us the opportunity to attempt amazing things that we otherwise would have said we weren’t capable of. One example of this in my life was when I was preparing for a history test. We had to write an essay and I was not confident at all. However, I took a few deep breaths and repeated in my head, “I’m prepared. I studied hard and I’m capable of this.” And guess what? I did well on my test! Every day the things you have to do are a different sort of test like this. Thinking that you can achieve something doesn’t just boost your confidence, it actually helps you DO it. One way of positive thinking is thinking about the people that surround us and support us. You have friends that care for you and want you to be happy. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, classmates, or even teachers and tutors YOU are NEVER alone. So, be a friend to yourself and think about how YOU can overcome the challenges you face! If I, just a random person on the Internet can, so can you!

    Good luck, Naffy! I wish you the best!

  5. "Happiness" Many many people long for it, but honestly, few actually achieve happiness. As true happiness can only come from God. Oh sure, without him you may be happy for a little bit, but it does not last. With God, even when you are down on your luck, you are still glad in him.
    But as not all people are religious so; Happiness is somewhat like confidence in yourself, if you say "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this will turn out so horrible" with a piece of art, you have a better chance of, well, doing not so good, but even if you say that when you start it, and further on say "Hey! This is going to turn out all right after all!" You will be much happier with you piece when its done, then looking at your piece and saying "I can't draw." You will get discouraged. Thinking positive is being confident in yourself. Being friends with yourself.

    I hope thats not cheesey XD

  6. The power of posititive thinking is different for everyone. For some it may make them an energetic, fun, loving person. It could be what drives them to do great things or achieve personal goals. Maybe for others it's what keeps them alive and in an okay state of mind. The more negative thoughts go through your mind, the more likely you are to be unsatisfied with life or what you're doing at the moment. 2 years ago I was sad, ,and not confident. I hated every aspect of myself. Negative thoughts swirled for hours on end and wouldn't stop till it wanted me dead. Over the span of 2 years i've changed. I've learned that positive thinking is the key to happieness, for me, and i've learned to think positive about my appearance and that I have a wonderful life with friends and family to support me. Positive thinking is maybe what keeps you going. Maybe it's finding joy in all places of the world, even when things seem to be horrid. It's being kind to yourself, and being finding happiness in, almost, everything.

  7. *Please read the whole thing*
    Positivity: the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.
    The dictionary says that. But life is such a fleeting thing. It's like a bird. Living life without positivity is like a bird without wings. Many say that life isn't worth living, but positivity is a way of trying to convince oneself that "It's all worth doing." We, as humans, have figured out that life ends in death. Always. But what about the years between the moment of birth, and the last breath? We try to achieve happiness, when happiness cannot be achieved. We tell ourselves that everything in life is to rise up to the top. "The top" can be defined as what one wants most in life. For many, it's wealth, fame, or happiness. None of this can be achieved without positivity. Positivity won't help you become famous. If you get hate, then think of it as motivation for your goal. Wealthy people don't think of falling to the bottom, as you can always get up and try again. Positivity can help you, as it pulls you out of despair. I know this, personally. I had depression, and still occasionally show signs of it. I fell. My grades dropped. I told myself that I was horrible. That I didn't deserve this life. But I got up. I was positive. I thought of all the things I loved in life. My family, my friends, my video games. (I have an unhealthy obsession with games ok) I thought of how everyone would be affected if I wasn't here anymore. (I think you know what I'm referring to but I'm not saying it for our younger readers here) I'm what you would consider way too young to be going through... This, but I just wanna say: It gets better. Don't turn to self-harm, drugs, or alcohol. It ruins your life. I turned back to something actually healthy (If you consider one of the most toxic communities ever *cough Overwatch cough* and 3 hours of screen time a day healthy?) and my view suddenly switched. It got me closer to true happiness than ever before. Nobody can stay happy forever. Nobody can ever be satisfied. But positivity can dig you out of the depths of despair. Positivity can get you to the top. Positivity saves lives. Positivity can help you, too.

    This was all written from the bottom of my heart. I almost cried when I read what I wrote. If you'd like to know: I was never diagnosed with depression, but I was pretty bad from about November of last year to about beginning of March this year. It was a hard time. I hope none of you guys ever have to go through what I did. If you need help with anything, ask your parents. Get counseling. Be positive. It does get better. Thanks for reading my very overly emotional comment. <3

  8. Positive thinking is always looking on the bright side, smiling and being kind even if you're having a bad day, helping others even if you aren't getting help, and being confident during hard things. Even though it is very hard to have a positive attitude when things are bad, a positive person will still be kind. When other people seem dull and have negative personalities, a positive person would be shining like a star. Yet, people see right through their personality,and notice looks or wealth and bully them. But, the person doesn't think negatively about themselves. When people call them not strong and the person doesn't get affected, then they are strong. Positive thinking is the most important part of a person, and it's their true strength.

  9. Hmmmm Positive.... I agree with Sarahkey8, You can not live without God in the end, so to be positive is to remember God is always watching you (I mean that in a good way) and he will always help us when we call out to him. And in the end when i pass on, God is gonna give us rewards in Heaven for what we did for God on earth, and that is very reassuring to know it will be worth it! Like When you pretty much feel like u wanna go crawl in a hole and die because u flunked that Exam,(That's what i feel like) and it is reassuring and positive to know that i will be worth it! (I think i said that already..) so Positive thinking! ;P Obviously being positive is to not think negative thoughts. Wasn't that hard to think of that one. :/ I hope Ya'll understand what i am saying, :)


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