Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Blinded Masterpiece Challenge

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip!

Recently I came up with a quick and fun challenge that I call "The Blinded Masterpiece Challenge". Here's how it works.

You must draw at least five masterpieces with your eyes closed or blindfolded - whichever method works for you. You may only open your eyes to switch colors, or you can have a friend change the colors for you. You can use a random noun generator online to choose which things you are going to draw. You could even turn your drawings into fully-fledged masterpieces by actually purchasing and turning them into an item.

I participated in this challenge, and this was the result:

1. Freedom

2. Music

3. Lake

4. Phone

5. Insect

I thought the music one was half decent, but the other four... not so much. Haha!

Feel free to try this challenge out, and if you do, I would love to see what how masterpieces turn out. Post the pictures on your blog, email the pictures to me, or even upload them to a site like Imgur and comment the link.

Have fun, Jammers!


  1. I’ve actually done a similar challenge to do this called the eyes closed challenge.

    1. Cool! Sorry if it seems like I copied you - I promise I didn’t!

    2. Nah, that’s alright:D No worries!!

  2. The legs on the ladybug are so far away. XD

  3. The ladybug reminds me of this XD



  4. Ladybug: Come back legss !

    You did really well for the music one though Naffy :o

  5. Now THIS is art! The quality! The technique! And the ladybug's legs are clearly a bold statement, a commentary on the pitfalls of today's society. *slow claps*


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