Saturday, March 31, 2018

10 April Fool's Day Pranks

1. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to a bar of soap. This will cause the soap to not lather when your victim tries to use it!

Image result for soap bar

2. Stick googly eyes to everything in your fridge.

Image result for googly eye fridge

3. Freeze a bowl of cereal overnight, then watch your victim try to eat it the next morning for breakfast.

Image result for frozen cereal milk prank

4. Put a piece of tape over the computer mouse sensor. You could also do this with a TV remote. Observe your victim frustratingly try to use the mouse or watch TV!

5. Rip up a toilet paper roll, get it wet, mash it all back together, and put it on or near the toilet seat for some fake poop.

Prank perfection in a minute or less!

6. Replace the creme in Oreos with white toothpaste. Put them back in the Oreos package and give them to your friends to eat.

7. Mix a package of cheese (you know, the stuff you mix in to get the boxed mac and cheese cheesy) with some water in a drinking cup to resemble orange juice.

You should probably try this one on teenagers only รข€” especially since younger kids love mac 'n' cheese so much they might start requesting this "beverage" on the regular.

8. VERY THOROUGHLY clean out an empty container of Windex, then fill it up with blue Gatorade. Then drink it in front of your family and see what kind of reaction you get.

9. Switch around someone's clothes in their clothing drawers. They'll be so confused!

10. Cover a bunch of sponges with chocolate frosting and sprinkles to make them look like brownies.

All you have to do is cover half a sponge with frosting and sprinkles. You can also make a sponge cake, but these seem more convincing!


  1. 9 won't work on me because I'm so messy it'll just look normal XD

    I know another one that's particularly evil, but technically harmless. You take a pack of gum, unwrap all the sticks, but keep the wrappers. You get some play dough of the color that's advertised on the gum package, and form sticks of it to put in the wrappers. You then carefully wrap each stick of play dough in the gum wrappers, put them back in the box and offer your victim some gum. B)

    Play dough is specifically designed so you won't get seriously ill if you accidentally swallow some, so this prank is gross but won't hurt anyone.


  2. These are seriously creative, I'd definitely do them but I'm a coward and I'm scared my parents wouldn't find it funny lol


  3. I know a few more:

    -Put glad wrap/cling wrap sorta stuff and put it on a toilet seat or around a doorway (or use clear tape)....
    -Put fruit bursts in a empty glue stick container, and eat it (I did that at school, its yummy)

  4. Ahahahaha the Windex one is O.O XD I love it!
    And 9 totally won't work on me either .-.
    If someone put googly eyes on everything on the fridge, this would be me:
    *runs away*

    I'd love to see someone eating sponges (no. 10) XD

    - whiteseal187 AJ

  5. Instructions on 8 not clear enough. Entire bottle of Windex ended up in my mouth.


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