Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to Make Beautiful Outfits on Animal Jam

The title says it all, folks - THIS is the #1 guide for creating the BEST, most AESTHETICALLY PLEASING outfits and looks for your animals on Animal Jam, no questions asked! With that being said, let's get poppin'!

First, in order to have beautiful outfits, you need to have beautiful animals. The animal I've chosen for this tutorial is the sloth, which is quite literally the most attractive creature in Jamaa. I mean, those big, pink circles around the eyes with that silky green skin is a recipe for FASHION.

The next step is to choose your colors. You want colors so vivid and gorgeous that they blind the eyes of anyone who comes in your way, so booger green, poop brown, and blood red are obviously favored by the public. Don't forget to pick out a pattern and eye shape as well. Make sure your colors, eyes, and pattern yell "playboy" but also scream "fashionista".

Now it is finally time for putting together your magazine-worthy outfit. Give your animal a nice hat or hairdo. The style my sloth is wearing will definitely guarantee a spot on the red carpet.

Next, pick out a neck accessory, preferably a spiked collar. Spiked collars are all the rage these days, and even though they've been in season for the past seven years, they are especially fashionable at this very moment. Spiked collars can give you almost any benefit you can possibly think of. Impress the ladies! Entice the men! Stab your neighbor in the chin! Oh, what fun it is to own a snazzy yet dangerous spiked collar!

It's time to choose a body item! Because the spiked collar has the ability of scaring off the paparazzi, it is imperative that you wear a long, flowing dress to bring them feelings of comfort.

But just in case the paparazzi calls the police on you, it is handy to have lobster claws or some other sort of weapon with you at all times so you can poke them in the stomach and snip their hair off before their call goes through.

As an extra, you can also add an item onto your tail, but it is completely optional. It's worth it, though!

At last, your outfit is finished! Get out there and strut your stuff! Strike a pose! Show off your clothing a la mode!

Oh, yes. What a queen.

Thanks for joining us, and have a fabulous day! Toodles!


  1. hot
    Please try wearing that outfit and saying "needs hot arctic wolf" I want to see the results



  3. That... That is absolutely beautiful. *Death By Glamour intensifies* Perfection. 10/10. Every celebrity should wear this. Fabulous, darling.



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