Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wishlist......... -.-

From blogs I have seen, they have a wishlist. On some blogs, some people are being rude and accusing them of stuff they want "sended" to them. They don't care if people send them stuff from their wishlist, but some people are nice even to do it! Anyway, I know I'll be safe doing a wishlist because nobody really views my blog. Here I go....

I would like:

 a beta tiara,
 a raccoon tail,

and that is about it. For now. I also would enjoy V.I.E.W.E.R.S!!!!!!

That's the wishing whip.


  1. Hello, I am skyethewolfgirl, I have a beta green tiara for trade :D
    Lucky day?
    I think yes ^_^

  2. Yes, it is! What would you like for it? :)

  3. i have an unwanted raccoon tail its your lucky day ^-^
    Im catsrule81626

  4. I wish someone would actually do my wish list, but mine's crazy XD

    Here it is though:
    Beta blanket
    Second glitched ring
    Something green or black XD

    Clrdragon on AJ


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