Thursday, February 28, 2013

Epic Beta Pics! & Video

Hey, jammers! I just got back from ice skating. Boy, my legs hurt so bad....anyway, I found on Animal Jam Flash-Meloetta385's AJ Blog that she had some amazing beta pictures that I would've never found anywhere else, even on snowyclaw's blog! I want to give the credit to this blog and share with you these amazing pictures of the early AJ.

In this picture, Jam-Mart Clothing was just called "Jammer Clothing", and when you pulled up the shop inventory, it said "Jam-Mart". If you kind of look in the background, you can see that the store was flipped around also.

This is a picture of old Wind Rider, which has branches in it and a strange number font, unlike today. Notice how the wolf has beta-only colors.

An image of old Jamaa Township. If you look really close, you can see that when animals "sleep", their eyes remained open. Also, the bunny in the far left side is wearing a beta mask.

This is a picture of the beta dens' entrance. They were huge, and had three floors and a bridge in the front. Notice how the icon for the furniture is different and grey, as well with a few other icons. This was because this picture was taken before furniture and the new icons were out for use.

This is a picture of old Club Geoz. It was flipped around also. The big, black/grey wings with white tips in this picture is a clothing piece not in stores today. Not to mention it used to be Member-only once Membership arrived.

Image of old Temple of Zios. Instead of a pit, there was a monkey statue. Could this be what Zios looked like before he fell? Anyway, the game icons also weren't floating, purple controllers like now.

A picture of old Crystal Sands. The sands were like this until July 2011, before they added waterslides. Also, you can notice in the picture that some animals are wearing beta-only-colored clothing pieces.

Sarepia Forest was just called "Sarepia", and had many different paths, and at the bottom lurked giant mushrooms.

Beta Chamber of Knowledge. See how the wolf in the photo has a top hat that nobody owns? It's a nice color. I think it should have at least be released again... ;-;

A Beta player card. BTW, this and the rest of the pictures are courtesy of Animal Jam Jungle.

Note: "Mate" is no longer out for names. Doesn't this wolf look cute!?

A blurry picture of a den....

Another player card.

Note: In this picture, an item called Skullys were out. This item was dirt cheap and only lasted a few weeks or days on the game, probably because it was too goth or deathly. Not a single jammer has one.

Notice how the furniture in the dens look different than they do now. This photo also illustrates the Beta inventory.

I've always wished for this big stone with the emerald Alpha stone embedded in it to return one day to Jamaa. Sadly a clunky billboard replaced it. :(

Note: The koala in the picture has beta-only gazelle horns on, and the bunny in the distance has a what we know was Rhino Helmet, but back in beta they were called "Spartan Helmets".

A name tag.

This was old Crystal Sands. It was thought to be Sir Gilbert's home during Beta, but then the beach was remodeled with water slides. I like the water slides, so it would be nice for AJHQ to bring back the tropical cove and remove everything but the Juice Hut, Tierney's

Another image of the Beta catalog.

Finally a little screenshot of a gathering in lower Jamaa Township with friends. ^.^

Sorry for such a long post, but hopefully you now understand beta a bit more. WHEW! All that work. Hope it paid off!

That's the whip about Beta!

Click HERE to visit AJ's old Beta site.

*Beta Video Extra*


  1. My brother is mad at AJ for changing the dens because he is a non-member. Plus he loves the Skullys. Sorry for commenting on an old blog!! XD ~puppiesluvpancakes

    1. lol i was just lookin at the old posts then i saw your I want the old DENS back.-skydrain7

  2. I wish all the items would come back for 1 day

  3. I wish for 1 hour AJHQ would bring back the betas

    1. That would be cool! I remember once that AJHQ accidentally released next week's RIM. It was funny! XD

  4. Everyone should request Animal Jam to bring back the OLD dens!!!!!!! Actually, the OLD Animal Jam

  5. AJ is fun now, but it seemed to be much more AWESOME in the beta days :3 I want the beta days to come back!

  6. They don't have skullies because they looked inappropriate on the pandas. not because it looked too "deathly" or "gothly" otherwise they would not have spike collars and writs and like black top hats :3 good point huh?


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