Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Truth in Quotes

Hello people!

There's this old inactive blog I've been exploring the past year or two called Jamaa's Written Truth. It belongs to Goldfishypuppy, also known as XxFreeSpiritxX. She was famous during 2011 and 2012, and some part of 2013.

Anyway, one of her many interesting posts had a quote in it by an unknown Jammer. It reads:

"I don't care about rares. It's not like I can put them on my resume when I'm older."

I 100%, flat-down agree with this quote. If you didn't know already, a resume is a form you type up when you apply for a job. A resume is full of necessary information about yourself, like skills, talents, and other places you've worked.

Imagine that you won three medals for a state track meet, you love to play the piano, and you're great at math.

Now, imagine that for four years straight, your life was spent on the computer, playing Animal Jam, trading for rares. When you typed your resume, you said that you owned two long black spiked collars, three beta tiaras, a magenta furry hat, twelve den betas, and a pink top hat.

Which one of these situations will win the job spot?

Duh! It's so obvious!

The first circumstance will get to make a living as a wealthy chiropractor, and the other? An employee at McDonald's.

Do you get what I'm trying to say here?

I'm trying to teach you guys a lesson. To summarize:

Don't spend your entire life playing Animal Jam. It won't benefit you in the future. I promise. Eventually you may get bored of it, and even if the whole world is begging you to stay, including your buddies or subscribers or followers or fans or whatever, make your own choices. BE the bone aligner. DON'T work for the Golden Arches.



  1. Dude, the whole world needs to see this

  2. Yea but if you want to be a graphic artist maybe putting that you do CS art commissions or commissions on another site could help like if you really do. Or if you wanna be a game designer then if you are like super good at playing video games then mention that. (I once knew the designers of this one game and most of them were hardcore gamers) But yea if your résumé says 'I have liek five spikrz on Animal Jam, probably won't get you a job especially with that grammar.

    1. If you want to be a graphic artist, you should be a professional photoshopper, study art/design, possibly study advertismets, etc. instead of doing CS commissions... (drawing on Chicken Smoothie is impossible, by the way).

    2. Yea I enter CS contest but I use Adobe illustrator and Photoshop and go to design classes but I'm not old enough to get paid for drawling by a company so I enter CS contests so I have some form of payment. Unlike my classmates I actually prepare for the future a little.

    3. Oh and something I forgot to mention. It can be enjoyable to some people and decent practice

    4. I still wouldn't put "CS commissions" on my résumé.

    5. Just so they had an example of your art.


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