Saturday, June 13, 2015

Not Your Ideal Escape

A great big number of Animal Jam's population plays Animal Jam because its their "escape from reality"; some sort of paradise they be who they are and do what they want.

But is Animal Jam really an escape?

Just take a look at all the qualities and traits the world of Jamaa has compared to our world today.

1. Bullying
Bullying is everywhere. Whether it's at school or somewhere else, bullying can happen at any time, any day. It's the same with Animal Jam.

2. Gambling
Flash trading/betting is a lot like gambling. But here's a tip to those who flash trade: you can never, ever, ever have a safe 100% trust in someone you meet online.

3. Stealing
I'm sure we've all had that temptation to scam/hack. Some of us were foolish enough to even listen to it. 

4. Money
Yup, money. Money on Earth is a lot similar to rares on Animal Jam, but the only way to get rares is either through fair trading, gifts, or scamming/hacking. And it doesn't help when at least 85% of Jamaa strives to become famous through videos or blogs. But you know what they say, nothing worth having comes easily.


  1. Yeah, I hate AJ too. But after all these years, I'm just so addicted to it!

  2. Yea but if you are bullied irl you can change your personality to escape bullying or just hide. That's what I did, still do. None of my classmates would suspect me to be a sniper.... Well some of them anyways.

  3. You speak the truth, my friend.

  4. well i don't really go out in public so their is no bulling(plus before i was home schooled i was sorta loved by almost at school everyone but not popular)i am 11 dude i don't gamble and why would i steal 2 reasons i don't 1. 2. i was raised by a good family 2.when u steal u put on the item then u have that knot in your stomache u know what that is GUILT!!! last but not least rares yes i do care about rares but that's just a HOBBY i really just like to hang with my buddies you know THE ONES WHO DONT CARE ABOUT RARES

    this comment is not meant to be rude sorry
    -krislynnb JAG ME


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